Friday, September 13, 2013

The One with the Thursday Thoughts (on a Friday)

I got a little behind this week.

First full week of school.
Open House.
Being a full time teacher and a full time mom.
Having quite the class of little hellions.

Life is a little hectic to say the least.
  • I'm exhausted.  L is definitely experiencing the 4-5 month sleep regression issues.  They are minor compared to other stories I have heard, but he is definitely having some weird sleep situations going on.  Like wide awake at 1 am and ready to play.  Or making tons of noises at 4 am and causing Max to keep getting up from his sleep and going over to check on him.  Or really ready to start his day at 5:15 on a day when Mommy was going to sleep in just a little.  The pacifier will lull him back to sleep in the real middle of the night.  But those times at 4 or 5, he's pretty much awake and therefore so is Mama.  Hopefully, he goes back to his blissful 11-12 hours soon.
  • I'm kinda over school already.  Is that bad?
  • I cannot get on the pumpkin train.  I think it's gross
  • I can, however, get on the other fall tastes, smells, and activities train.  I am looking forward to a weekend at the apple orchard with Hubs and the little man very soon. 
  • The cost of formula sucks.  I really wished my boobs worked correctly.
  • I have had a few meltdowns this week once I got home from school.  I feel like I can barely keep my head above water right now with school and the pressures to be the perfect teacher (I know I never will be, but I still want to try my absolute hardest to be awesome at my job) while dealing with a challenging class and being "present" once I'm home with my family.  I really think this whole working out of the house thing blows.
  •  I put L in his highchair the other day just for fun.  Holy hell he looks like a stinkin toddler in it!  And I must say he loves it.  I was wheeling him from room to room and he thought that was just so much fun.
  • I'm quite excited for the new fall shows and my old shows coming back.  I don't have a chance in hell of being able to find the time to watch any of them, but I'm excited nonetheless.
Okay, I'm off to indulge in pizza and beer.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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