Saturday, June 29, 2013

The One with the Wedding

We took a road trip to Chicago for my best friend's wedding last weekend.

The trip was long and there was an awful lot of driving involved, but it was a great weekend.

On Friday, we had the rehearsal and dinner.  Hubs hadn't arrived yet so it was just my mom, Liam, and I at the hotel at that point.  We decided earlier that day that Liam would stay at the hotel with my mom after seeing everyone at the rehearsal and I would go to the dinner by myself.  I really needed to focus on being the MOH and he really needed a normal, quiet night without a ton of people around.  The dinner was a lot of fun and mommy had her first real drinks since starting IVF last summer.  I forgot to take a picture, but those glasses of Prosecco were delish.

Liam was great for my mom on Friday night and I while I missed him a ton, it was nice to have a night out.

On Saturday morning, L was up bright and early and I headed out to the airport to pick up Hubs, my brother, and my brother's girlfriend.  They slept for most of the morning while I had my hair and makeup done.  My mom walked several miles in the hotel throughout the day with Liam in the stroller to keep him occupied.

Liam looked absolutely adorable in his outfit for the ceremony.

The ceremony had to be held indoors because of some storms earlier in the day.

Nic was a trooper that day as the photographer had us schlepping all around the grounds to take pictures.  It was so hot and humid!

The beautiful bride and I.

Liam switched into his seersucker suit for the reception.  He got lots of compliments!  Here are a couple family pictures (it's still so weird to say that!)


 The brave bride holding the could-spit-up-at-any-moment baby.

My mom took Liam back to the room after cocktail hour.  They both needed a break from the crowd and the noise.  Hubs and I were able to enjoy ourselves, even though Mommy went up to check on Liam several times!

The wedding was held at the Hyatt Lodge on the McDonalds Campus.  They have a university on the campus where the managers and franchisees train.  Because of that, they served cheeseburgers at the end of the night.  It was the perfect snack!

The happy bride and groom.

We had a great time celebrating with Nicolette and Brian and it was such a fun weekend!

The One with the Road Trip

This post could also be entitled "The One Where I May Be a Little Insane."

My best friend got married last weekend.

I was the Matron of Honor.

In Chicago.

Side note: I live nowhere near Chicago.

Last year, when I found out I was pregnant, the anxiety about this whole trip set in.  How the hell was I going to be in a wedding halfway across the country with a newborn?  During the very early stages of the pregnancy, when there was still a risk of a miscarriage, I had to order my dress.  All I could think about was what if we have to do IVF again and I am very pregnant for this wedding?  Will said dress fit?  If I do have a newborn in June, how will we get out to Chicago?  I was legit stressed out about all of this.

My mom came up with what she thought would be a brilliant solution.

"We will just drive to Chicago," she said.

Here's me..."Uh drive?  You do know that Chicago is in like the middle of the country where all those flat states are, right?"

My mother loves to drive.  She drives back and forth to North Carolina like it's nothing.  And she's made about a bazillion trips up to Rhode Island from Connecticut since Liam was born (which has been a HUGE help I might add).

I don't mind driving either, but this drive seemed a little daunting.

However, we decided it was our best option.  Hubs, my brother, and my brother's girlfriend would fly out for the wedding and my mom, Liam and I would take a week or so to travel the 1000ish miles and back.

Enter the stress about packing all the things.

Do you have any idea what it's like to travel for a week with a baby?

Oh em gee.

I had no less than 700 lists going with everything we would need, piles of clothes and supplies everywhere, and more baby gear packed than one would ever need.  Plus all the things that Hubs and I would need for the wedding (because I certainly wasn't going to trust him to pack and travel with his own suit).  We also had a bunch of my brother and his girlfriend's stuff so they wouldn't have to fly with it.

My car was stuffed.

 Why yes, that is the whale bathtub.  
My baby sleeps for 7-9 hours a night since I started giving him a bath.  No way Mama was effin up that routine just because we were traveling so you bet that thing was coming with us.

You obviously don't need to see out your back window to drive.
And the KitchenAid was for the bride, not for baking along the trip.

My mom sat in the back with L and I drove.  We headed out from RI around 5 am on June 19th with plans to sleep in Erie, PA that night.  The first half of the trip was about 550 miles.

Honestly, Liam could not have been a better passenger.  He slept for long stretches and when he wasn't sleeping, he was a happy baby.  We stopped every 3ish hours to feed him which gave us a nice break from sitting in the car.

When we got to Erie around 2:00 that afternoon, it really didn't feel like we had been in the car for 9 hours.  We all got a good night's sleep and headed out early again the next morning to do the next 450ish to Nicolette's house.

Thursday's drive was also great.  We hit some traffic in Indiana, but again, Liam was awesome in the car.  He definitely got hot and sweaty in his car seat, but was really such a great baby.  We arrived around 1:45 that afternoon (which was really 12:45 central time) and got to visit with Nicolette and her family that night.  I was thoroughly exhausted and had a little meltdown about life in general but some migraine meds and sleep worked wonders.

The rehearsal and wedding were so much fun (I'm going to do a separate post about them) and Liam was a big hit.  

On Monday morning, we got back in the car and made the short trip (couple hundred miles is nothing after two days of 500 miles each!) to Columbus, Ohio where my great aunt lives.  She's a Dominican Sister of Peace so Liam had his first overnight visit to a convent on this trip!  All the nuns loved him and my aunt was just so happy to have us visit.

Tuesday morning we were up bright and early again and started the 800+ mile journey home to RI.  This was by far the "worst" day.  I use that term really loosely because Liam was still great in the car, but it was a lot of driving and I was still pretty exhausted from the wedding festivities.  We also hit some really nasty rain in the Berkshires.  By the time we got home around 7:30 that night, I was pretty cranky.  Hubs wanted nothing more than to show me the new TV all set up (remember it was set up incorrectly still) and all I wanted to do was unpack and go to sleep.  I am also one of those people who needs to get everything unpacked and laundry started as soon as I get home.  Yeah I know I need help.

So the little man is now a cross country traveler.  I think we picked the perfect age to travel that far with him because he really did sleep most of the time.  It was a great trip and it was fun to get to spend that much time with my mom just talking and hanging out.

And, guess who's doing another long car trip with her infant in about 3 weeks?  This crazy chick.  We are going down to Sunset Beach, NC to visit family.  Hopefully we are as successful with this second trip.

And I was not sorry we packed that whale bathtub.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The One with the First Father's Day

I realize it's been almost two weeks since Father's Day but I really wanted to do a quick recap post about how we spent Hubs' first Father's Day.

I knew I wanted his first holiday as a daddy to be extra special so I planned a few things to celebrate him.  Everything was a surprise (which was pure torture for Hubs!) and I had so much fun deciding what to do for him.

We started off Saturday by heading out to lunch.  We just went to a local chain restaurant because we were both starving and wanted to squeeze lunch in before Liam woke up.

I then gave Hubs directions to an appliance store about 30 minutes away where we went to pick out his present.  I kinda messed up and thought we would be able to take the present home that day.  Unfortunately, we had to order it and they told us we were going to have to wait almost two weeks for it to be delivered.  However, Hubs was pretty excited that we ordered this...

Samsung 65" Smart LED TV.  Similar here.

We had been talking about getting a new TV for a while to replace the ancient rear-projection TV we had in our living room.  I decided it would make a really great Father's Day gift.  Hubs was definitely a little disappointed that we couldn't take the TV home that afternoon, but was looking forward to it being delivered.

I digress momentarily...
Because my husband is the world's most impatient person, he actually got out of work early one day last week and went to pick up the TV.  I was in Chicago so he had to put everything together himself (and I had to fix it when I got home because he had it hooked up incorrectly!), but we now have a giant TV in our living room.

Back to the weekend...
Saturday afternoon we headed to a graduation party and then just relaxed at home watching the hockey game (on our crappy old TV as Hubs kept teasing me about!).

On Sunday, we went out for an awesome breakfast place that Hubs has been talking about since we first went there several months ago.  They have fantastic food and huge portions.  Like pancakes that are the size of the entire plate.  It was so yummy!  I totally forgot to take a picture of my food, but I was very full when we left.  Liam was awesome throughout the entire breakfast and woke up to eat just as we were finishing our meals.

I had originally planned for us to head up to Boston for lunch/dinner but we were both so full from breakfast that we decided to postpone that trip to another weekend (Hubs still doesn't know where we will be going).  So, we went up to IKEA instead to pick out a TV stand.

We got this one.

While Liam and I were away in Chicago and after Hubs picked up the TV, he decided to put that stand together.  If you have ever bought anything from IKEA you know everything comes in eighty billion pieces and you have to almost whittle the wood yourself to put it together.

Hubs was less than thrilled with the whole experience and has informed me we will never be buying anything from IKEA again (and I quote..."not even a fucking wooden spoon").

Thank God I was halfway across the country for this hot mess!

 By the time I got home from Chicago, this monstrosity was in my living room.

  While it is huge, I will admit it's nice to be able to read the guide without squinting.

When we got home that day, I snapped a few pictures of my boys.

We had a great weekend together and I think Hubs enjoyed his first Father's Day.  He is such an awesome father to both Liam and Max and we are so lucky to have him.

Love you honey!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The One with the Thursday Thoughts

How is it Thursday already?  I feel like this week has flown by.  That is most definitely because I am not working.  If I were stuck in school, it would be the longest.week.ever.  They are all like that in June.

Here's what's floating around in my head today...
  • I went into school yesterday to go over a few things with my sub.  She has been doing an awesome job with the kids and they seem to be learning everything they are supposed to.  However, my anal, controlling, OCD self couldn't stand that there were no extra sharpened pencils in the bucket for extra sharpened pencils.  In fact, I sharpened a whole bunch when I was there last Thursday after school because there weren't any then either.  So in less than a week, my hoarding students went through eleventy jillion pencils and there are no more.  Good thing school is almost done because apparently no more pencils will be sharpened.  So stupid, I know.  But these are the things that bug me.
  • I started the massive project entitled, "Pack for a week-long road trip with your newborn and your mother including clothes and the like for a wedding you are in."  It is overwhelming to say the least.  Liam's crib is currently the place that all things that are being packed have landed.  Good thing he doesn't sleep in it yet.
This is like 4 things out of the 6 million more that need to be packed.  I have lists all over the house.
  • If Max steals one more pillow off the couch or sock or towel or blanket, I may kill him.  He's been warned.
  • I am really craving a Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks.  And also the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad from Panera.  And some chocolate.  There will definitely be a food stop or two when L and I go out to run errands in a bit.
  • Hubs is on a "we are moving" kick.  I have been on that kick for a while for space and school reasons, but now he is suddenly on the bandwagon because he wants a new car.  Do not even ask how making a huge purchase like a house would mean that he could get a new car.  His logic baffles me.
  • I am working on this project for my best friend's wedding shower gift.  She already knows about it, so it's not like I'm ruining the secret or anything.  Relax.  It is also getting packed for the road trip next week.
  • My kid is the loudest freaking waker-upper ever.  He stretches, grunts, groans, farts, and makes all these ridiculous noises for like an hour before he actually wakes up.  It's hysterical to listen to.  Unless it starts at 4 am.  Then it's terrible.  But still kinda hysterical and definitely still adorable.
  • Big Father's Day plans in the works for this weekend.  Recap post coming next week.
  • After taking an hour and a half to wake up this morning, I leaned over and saw this.  ::melt my heart::

Off to run those errands.  Have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The One with the Newborn Pictures

It seems like forever ago that we had Liam's newborn pictures taken.

He was just about two weeks old when the amazingly talented Julie Furtado came to our house to shoot his pictures.  Julie took Grizzly's pictures in the summer of 2010 and we have stayed in touch with her through the years.  She does fantastic work and is so easy to work with.  She didn't blink when Liam peed on her props and wouldn't fall asleep to take those oh-so-cute sleepy newborn pictures.

We tried to get Max in some of the pictures but he was just too wild so he had to hang outside in his pen while Liam was modeling.  But Julie got some cute pictures of Max by himself.

We ordered the CD with all the images and I just put together Liam's birth announcement using some of the pictures.

I am so thrilled with how they came out.

Here is just a small sampling of the pictures Julie took.

You may remember this post and this post about the infamous Ford Raptor.  It had to make an appearance in Liam's pictures.


 Little Man posed himself like this.

 Cracks me up that his hair looks almost red here.  It's really blond still and I think the red wall in our dining room is giving it that reddish hue.

 I'm not listening Mom.

 The hair is terrible in these pictures.  And God, we look exhausted!

 Please let me out of here guys!

I highly recommend Julie to anyone who is local and looking to have picture of their families or pets taken.  She is awesome!

I'm off to hopefully take a quick nap while Liam sleeps.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The One with the GBU

This morning, I am linking up with Kati at Incorporating Color and Kate at Classy Living for a Monday post called "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly."

Incorporating Color

The Good: This weekend was pretty quiet and we spent some quality time just hanging around.  My mom is here again visiting so I was able to get some stuff done around the house and went grocery shopping (exciting I know).  The weather was gorgeous yesterday and Liam got to go for a great walk in his stroller.

This is from last week, but Liam loves being outside.  
That's our fire pit above Liam's head btw...we have yet to light it this summer which is highly unusual for us.

The Bad: Uh, can we talk about the weather on Friday and early Saturday?  What a disgusting dumping of rain.  I mean I know we needed some rain, but did it have to come down in sheets?  We were stuck in the house all day on Friday.  Luckily it cleared up for some time outside on Saturday.

The Ugly: I started getting organized for our big Chicago trip next week.  Oh lawd, how will we fit it all?  Why did no one tell me a kid needs eleventy jillion things to leave the house?  I mean I should have known considering what is packed in the diaper bag, but holy bananas we have so much stuff to bring with us.  And that doesn't even begin to cover all the things I am going to need to be ready for this wedding.  I need one of those top of the car turtle shell thingys.  And it doesn't help that I have no where to organize all the stuff I am putting's all in Liam's crib right now.  Keep you posted on how the packing goes.  I am going to have some serious space-managmatizing to do in my car.

How was your weekend?  Link up and tell us all about it.

Liam wants to hear about it...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The One with the One Month Update

Liam Michael you are

One month old!

Hard to believe you have been in our lives for a whole month, although most days it is impossible to imagine a day when you weren't a part of this family. 

My hope is to do monthly updates to document your growth, milestones and exciting events, kind of like what Mommy did during her pregnancy. 

What are your stats and what does the doctor say?
At your doctor's appointment on May 29th (when you were 24 days old) you weighed 10 pounds, 4 ounces and were 20.5 inches long.  Dr. G said you are perfect in every way!  Your heart and lungs sound great and he was impressed with your eye contact and neck strength.  We talked about your eating and sleeping habits (more on that in a bit) and he thought you were a pretty chill and relaxed baby.  You still have blue eyes and blonde hair and look exactly like Daddy.

What are you eating?
You are eating 6 to 7 four-ounce bottles of Similac Advance formula a day and you usually have 1 two-ounce bottle after your bath before you go to sleep. 

When do you sleep?
You are a champion sleeper!  You are sleeping 6 to 7 hours a night which makes Mommy and Daddy very happy parents!  You usually wake up around 5ish, have a bottle and go back to sleep until 8 or 8:30.  You eat again and then are typically awake (with maybe a quick nap or two) until you eat again at 11ish.  After that, you usually take your long nap of the day from 11:30-2:30.  Then it's another bottle and some more awake time until another bottle around 5ish.  You are usually hungry again by 7:30 so we eat and hang out for a bit.  Obviously, this isn't an exact routine and some days you eat every 2 to 2 1/2 hours depending on how hungry you are.

What do your routines look like?
Starting right around your three-week birthday, we started giving you a bath every night.  Mommy is convinced this and our new bedtime routine (along with the keep-you-fuller-for-longer formula) is what helped you start sleeping for such a long stretch at night.  Around 8:30, we start our routine with a bath in your whale tub.  You weren't a big fan at first, but now you love it!  Then you get a massage with baby lotion and put on your pjs and swaddle blanket.  You drink a two-ounce bottle and we read a story in your room.  Then we move into Mommy and Daddy's room and you go to sleep in the Rock 'n Play.  Sometimes it takes you a little while to put yourself to sleep and Mommy often has to go back in to put your pacifier back in your mouth (on the nights you use it), but you are typically asleep by 10ish.

What size clothes are you wearing?
You are wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothes and quickly outgrew any newborn clothes we owned.  You have a ton of clothes so Mommy is having fun playing dress up with you!

What are some things you love?
You love to eat and sleep (what baby doesn't?!).  You also love your playmat and walks in your stroller.  You like taking rides in the car (unless you get hungry) and you like to be held.  You enjoy when Mommy wears you in the Moby.  You love your baths and love listening to songs and music.  You like to be swaddled, but only at night.  You are also a gripe water addict and really appreciate a dose when you get the hiccups.

What are some things you don't love?
You are not a fan of being too hot (and you are super hot-blooded!) and you don't like it when someone takes your bottle away, even if it's just to burp you.  You get pretty cranky when you don't get to eat right away and sometimes you put up a stink if the diaper changing process takes too long.

What can you do?
You are responding to Mommy and Daddy's voices by turning your head.  You have given us a few social smiles, although sometimes I am not sure if they are really in reaction to us or just random.  You lift and turn your head when we put you on your tummy.  You grasp onto things when we place them in your hands.  You use your legs to help you crawl up the chest of anyone who is holding you.  You are such a boy and make tons of grunting and groaning noises all the time.  You love to stretch, especially when you are waking up.

Where have you gone?
Oh Liam, you are going to be such a traveler by the time two months arrives!  We have a trip to Chicago planned in two weeks for Auntie Nic's wedding.  But until that big long trip, we have done lots of little short trips in the car to get you ready.  You have been to Target, Lowe's, Stop and Shop, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, the doctor's office, and Mommy's school (you were a big hit with the kids and the grown-ups!).

Who has visited and watched you?
You have met tons of people since you arrived in the world.  Nana, Gramma, and Poppa all came to see you in the hospital, along with Auntie Julie and Mommy's friend, Suzanne.  You met Mommy's aunt and cousins shortly after you arrived.  You also met your great grandfather, along with Mommy's aunts and uncles.  Your Uncle Ric and cousin Larissa came to see you with Auntie Julie again (they live right down the road so we see them a lot!).  Nana has traveled from Connecticut to see you no less than 8 or 9 times since you were born!  She loves visiting with you and Mommy and Daddy even got to go see a movie last weekend while she babysat.  She has been a huge help.  Gramma also watched you for a while so Mommy could get her nails done.  The kids that Mommy used to nanny for came to visit you last weekend and you met another Liam (who kept calling you his brother!).  You saw everyone at Mommy's school this week and got to meet her students and co-workers.

What are some of your nicknames?
Liam Love, Doodlebug, Bubba, Mr. Man, Doodles, Bug...Mommy calls you something different every day and Daddy calls you his Pal or Buddy.

And here are some pictures from our photo shoot yesterday...

You are already getting so big and it is so amazing to watch you grow and change every day.

Mommy and Daddy (along with a whole lotta other people) love you so very much little boy.  We are having so much fun being your parents and are so happy you are our son.