Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The One with the Double Post

I haven't been so great at keeping up with the daily posts for NaBloPoMo.  Call it life getting in the way.  Really I just fall asleep at 7:30 at night and don't have a free minute during the school day to get anything done.

Here is what I planned on writing about yesterday (warning, it's all food related)...

I am dying to make this Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn that I saw on Pinterest.  It has been pinned about a million times so it must be awesome.  I think it may be my after school snack today.

Original image from chef in training.

Speaking of Pinterest, I got scolded by a friend this weekend for my lack of organization on my Food and Drink board!  And it is a hot mess.  My plan for the day after Thanksgiving (because I'm not doing any Black Friday shopping this year) is to get it organized into different categories.  There are so many things I want to make but I get very overwhelmed when I look at it because there is so much going on there.

Uh and while I'm on the recipe discussion, make this Baked French Toast Casserole for Thanksgiving or Christmas morning.  It's uber-easy and oh so delicious.  Plus, it's a Paula Dean recipe which means it will clearly clog your arteries which obviously makes it taste fantastic!

And onto today's post...

I do admit to a lot of dream shopping online for this baby.

I mean, I just can't resist looking at bedding and nursery ideas and clothes and strollers and car seats.  

But I never thought Hubs would indulge.  That is until he saw this...
Original image from here.

Little background on why this toy is significant.  Hubs drives a blue Ford Raptor.  It's his dream vehicle that he worked very hard to get.  He custom designed it and we waited almost six months for it to come in.  It's pretty high on his list of important things.  

So, he sees this Power Wheels replica of his truck in the Walmart ad a few weeks ago and is insisting that we get it for our unborn child.  He is adamant that our child will love it no matter what.  I told him I'd think about it and maybe we could get a deal on it after Christmas.  

But I did have to laugh at his dream shopping for our baby.  It is pretty cute.

Hope everyone has a happy hump day!

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  1. Um YUM and YUM! I am for sure making both of those recipes! Thanks!!