Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The One with WTF

This has to be the most ridiculous week of weather I have experienced in a long ass time.

Pretty intense full blown hurricane last Sunday and Monday. Freezing cold temperatures over the weekend. And a flippin Nor'Easter with legit snow today. For reals Mother Nature?!

Super dark picture, but this is the scene outside our front door.

On another WTF note...Max friggin hates having any ear drops put in his ear. This is making giving him his ear infection medicine a huge challenge. It is literally a WWE battle twice a day to pin him down and stick the dropper in his ear.

Oh, and can I just say how stinkin happy I am to trade political ads for Christmas commercials?!




This tired mama-to-be is off to lounge on the couch and most likely fall asleep before the clock hits the 9's.


  1. I am soooo happy to be rid of the political commercials too!! Hope you guys are ok from the Hurricane...

    1. Luckily we are fine. Lots of friends and family in the NY/NJ/CT area who are doing alright as well, but it was definitely a scary experience.

  2. Haha totally agree with you about the commercials! It's pretty bad that I can recite most of them by heart now. Poor Max and his ear infection! My dogs hate the ear drops too and now it's even difficult to clean their ears during bath time. Congrats on your OB appointment and graduating to normal pregnant woman status!

    1. We have been getting creative with giving him the meds. Last night we snuck up on him while he was sleeping and put them in!