Sunday, November 11, 2012

The One That Was Supposed to Be Posted Yesterday

Original Post Title: The One with the Cutest Card Ever

So, as you have just read, this was supposed to get published yesterday.  But, between the traveling and the visiting and the pizza eating, that never happened.

Here's what I originally wrote:

I babysat for a friend's daughters on Friday night.  When I arrived, the 4-year-old gave me the most adorable card.  I had to post it on here because it made me smile, laugh, and remember how much I love little kid drawings.  Her mom said she handed her some paper and markers, told her to make a congratulations card for Hubs and me, and came back a little while later to find this.

Front Cover with Hubs, me with the baby in my belly, and Max (the head on the right).  Mom's writing says "Mia is working on drawing dogs."  I love our "rake" hands and feet!

Inside: "Dear Jess, This is a picture of the baby in your belly.  Congratulations! P.S. She says you are having 2 babies!"

When I asked her about the two babies idea, she confidently told me she was sure there were two in there and wanted to play with both of them when they arrived.  This kid cracks me up!

Hope you all got a laugh out of little Mia's adorable card.  Thanks Mia!