Thursday, November 8, 2012

The One with the Present

We got our first official pregnancy present last week.  Our super sweet friends Suzanne and Anthony, along with their adorable son Christian, left the greatest bucket of treats on my desk in my classroom.  It was such an awesome surprise to come into that morning.

I love presents :)

Inside were some great surprises for us (well mostly me...I mean I am the one growing the human here).  There were Preggie Pop Drops (awesome for nausea), Belly Bars (yummy chocolate for the baby), teas for all sorts of pregnancy ailments, lotions and oils for my ever expanding skin, a pregnancy magazine, and delicious candy corn (Hubs dove right into that!).

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered their congratulations, prayers, and good wishes.  Hubs and I feel so incredibly loved and we cannot wait to bring this baby into such a wonderful community of friends and family.


  1. How cool! I'll have to look into those Preggie Pop Drops cause I'm feeling pretty sicks these days...

    1. They are awesome for m/s. Any sour candy works well too, but I really like these. I know they sell them at BRU.