Sunday, November 18, 2012

The One with the Weekly Pregnancy Update

I missed posting yesterday purely out of forgetfulness.  Call it pregnancy brain.

Here is this week's update.

15 Weeks

I hate the "5" in this picture.  I erased and redid it 4 times and it still doesn't look right.

How far along? 15 weeks (navel orange)
Total weight gain/loss: -4 pounds since the beginning of IVF
Maternity clothes: Absolutely.  I just ordered several sweaters and some more leggings from Old Navy and Gap because they were having a big sale.
Have you told family and friends? Yes, it's definitely not a secret from anyone but Facebook anymore.
Have you started to show yet? I feel more pregnant looking this week, but it could definitely still be mistaken for too many Pringles.
Sleep: I am sleeping much better this week, but am still pretty tired by the end of the day and usually end up falling asleep on the couch pretty early at night.
Best moment this week: Finding the heartbeat with much more ease.

Miss Anything? We went out with friends to a hibachi restaurant last night and I was drooling walking by the sushi bar.
Movement: Not yet, but I've heard it could happen at any point now.
Food cravings: freeze pops, cheese, Pop Tarts (just a few of the random things I purchased at the grocery store this week).
Anything making you queasy or sick? This has improved in the last few weeks, but it's still hard to brush my teeth as well as I want to.
Gender prediction: Still feeling like it's a boy.
Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: Fatigue and round ligament pain as everything is stretching.
Major purchases this week? Been fantasizing about nursery furniture this week, but haven't purchased anything this week.  Contemplating that Power Wheels purchase on Black Friday.
Weekly wisdom: Don't be afraid to say no.  Growing a human is a lot of work and you can't do everything the same as before you were pregnant.
Looking forward to: Telling my students about the baby this week and celebrating Thanksgiving (even though I won't eat any of the food) with family.  Also going to be picking up some books to start reading to the baby this week.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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  1. How exciting to be able to read to your baby and it actually will hear you!!