Monday, January 14, 2013

The One with the Weekly Pregnancy Update

It's been quite a busy beginning to week 23 and it is becoming even more real that this little man will be arriving in ::gasp:: less than 17ish weeks.  When the heck did I get so far into this pregnancy?!

23 Weeks

This week's picture is brought to you by polka dot pajamas.  Just couldn't handle real clothes tonight.

How far along? 23 weeks (papaya...we were that last week too so I think The Bump messed up)
Total weight gain/loss: Still right around +6 pounds.
Maternity clothes: Yes please!  Gap and ON had a big sale on their maternity stuff (which doesn't happen often) so I picked up a few more pieces.  I am thinking I'm going to need to start getting some spring/summer stuff soon because if it gets warm before this baby arrives, I only have sweaters.  And my fat ass will probably be in maternity clothes for a little while after this baby arrives.  I also got a pair of maternity jeans that I actually like from Gap.
Sleep: Getting tired again more easily.
Best moment this week: Nursery furniture baby!  More on that below.

Miss Anything? Goat cheese.  Random I know, but I really feel like having some with craisins and crackers and it's not allowed.  Boo!
Movement: Frequent and strong.  I'm convinced Hubs could feel him if I could get him (Hubs that is) to be patient enough to sit there and wait.
Food cravings: Back to pears again.  Still loving carbs and could eat macaroni for just about every meal.  I also had to have an Auntie Annie's pretzel yesterday when we were out shopping.
Anything making you queasy or sick? The smell of cooked chicken was making me feel a little off the other day.
Gender: Boy to the end.
Labor Signs: Thankfully no.

Symptoms: Back and feet pain and more tired than usual.
Major purchases this week? Oh this may require it's own post, but some of you may remember the post I did about Hubs' dream shopping for the baby way back in the fall.  So it's not a dream anymore.  We are now official owners of a Power Wheels blue Ford Raptor. Hubs was a madman on Friday finding a WalMart near us that had it in stock.  He was convinced they wouldn't have one later on when our son can actually use it.  I just couldn't argue with his excitement about it!

This ginormous box (it's almost as tall as me!) is living in my dining room right now and will probably be there for the foreseeable future because it won't fit downstairs.  

We also picked out and ordered our nursery furniture this weekend.  I'm going to do a separate post about the nursery but I am super excited about what we ordered!

Weekly wisdom: Take breaks to sit when you need it.  I sat down in Pottery Barn Kids yesterday in one of their comfy chairs because I needed to get off my feet.
Looking forward to: My trip to Chicago this weekend to visit my BFF.  She just moved into a new house and I can't wait to see it.  Plus she is working on wedding planning and since I will be missing out on her shower and not able to help much this spring, I am looking forward to talking wedding stuff with her.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!

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