Thursday, January 10, 2013

The One with the Shopping

Shopping for baby things has always been a small obsession of mine.  When a friend has a baby shower or gives birth, I can spend hours in the store looking for the right item to purchase.  Hubs knows better than to come with me when I am baby shopping because it ends up being a long day where he whines.  

I love the little outfits and toys and books and gadgets.  

I knew we were in trouble the minute I found out I was pregnant.  It didn't take long for me to go out and buy the Worth the Wait bib when I got our positive beta.  The shopping hasn't stopped much since then.

But I admit it's taken on a whole new level since our gender reveal.

I went out almost every day during Christmas break and bought lots of clothes on sale for next year.  As I justified it to myself (and Hubs), why would I spend $25 on a Christmas outfit when it is on sale now for $6.40?  It seems pretty logical to me.  So, I have just been getting six and nine month clothes and this little guy will fit in them at some point (especially considering he'll be in "holiday" gear for the entire month leading up to the holiday!).

Hubs response: "Why the hell are you going to dress my son up like a candy cane?!"
From Old Navy

We have also gotten some adorable stuff from family and friends.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law went out the night after our reveal party to get little boy outfits for the little man as Christmas presents.  My aunt bought both a girl outfit and a boy outfit and once we revealed what we were having to the rest of my family, she gave us the cutest Polo onesie.

Complete with the world's tiniest Polo horse.
From Macy's

I absolutely couldn't resist this one from Old Navy.  I LOVE Elf and I can't wait to put the little guy in this.

From Old Navy

It's an addiction and I should probably see someone about it.  But I will keep doing it because it makes me happy.

I'm pretty sure I would buy this for me if it came in my size.
From Baby Gap

The best part is that I really have not paid full price for anything I've bought.  Everything has been on sale as the spring and summer stuff is being put out.  I shop this way for myself and it saves so much money.

Up until today, I was only buying clothes.  Then I saw these...

 From Baby Gap
From Old Navy

Yes, they are ridiculous and you over there saying they are impractical (yes Mom, I'm talking to you!), I don't care.  They are stinkin adorable and my son needs them!

Another closet shot.  And this doesn't include all the stuff that didn't come on hangers.

My baby will be nothing short of fashionably fabulous.

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  1. Oh that Elf onsie is so cute! I may have to go see if my store has one. And that red sweater outfit is awesome! I'm sure as soon as we find out what we are having I may give your shopping sprees a run for their money!