Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The One with the Weekly Pregnancy Update (and a confession)

**I wrote this yesterday afternoon but was too lazy to take a picture when Hubs got home**

Let's get the confession out of the way: I actually just poured potato chip crumbs (all that was left in the bag) into a container of leftover onion dip and ate it with a spoon.  I am officially the biggest fat-ass of a pregnant woman evah.

And onto less disgusting matters...

I had a fabulous trip to visit my friend in Chicago and got home uber-late on Sunday night so the update is a couple of days late.  You forgive me, right?

24 Weeks-V-DAY!

The debate rages on about which is larger - my bump or my ass.

How far along? 24 weeks (cantaloupe)
Total weight gain/loss: Around +7ish I think, but really only +3 since IVF retrieval day.
Maternity clothes: Obviously.  I'm huge if you haven't noticed.  When I went to visit my friend, I got a super cute sweater with sequins (see above picture) and a possible baby shower dress.
Sleep: Slept like crap when I was away but better since I've been home.  Think it may have been due to the lack of the Snoogle.  But I am still waking up several times a night for no apparent reason.
Best moment this week: V-Day!  That means viability day and is a huge milestone in this (or any) pregnancy.  It basically means that if I went into preterm labor from this point forward, the doctors would try to save our little guy and his chances of survival go up considerably.  I know it's not a pleasant thought to think about having him early, but the fact that I've made it this far is a really big deal.  We also worked on our registry at Buy Buy Baby.  I started it with my friend in Chicago and Hubs and I headed up there yesterday to play with the stroller and carseat.  Lots of fun!

Miss Anything? My friend and I always do a trip (or 5) to Panera when we are together.  It was a Saturday tradition in college, but we skipped it during my visit because I can't eat the turkey sandwich we normally get.
Movement: Most definitely.  He either loves to fly or hates to fly because he was a wiggleworm during the entire flight on the way to Chicago.
Food cravings: Apparently chips and onion dip.  I really want a good salad but they have been setting my stomach off.
Anything making you queasy or sick? The salads don't make me sick, just feel kinda yucky.  I am hoping to get past that soon.
Gender: Little guy.
Labor Signs: No, but I was wondering if I may have had a Braxton-Hicks contraction or two yesterday.

Symptoms: Back pain, heartburn like there's no tomorrow (despite the Zantac twice a day).
Major purchases this week? Does the log splitter Hubs bought yesterday count?  I haven't gotten anything major, but I did pick up some super cute sale stuff at Gap and Target while I was in Chicago.  We are working on picking a paint color for the nursery so I am hoping to buy that soon so we can get the room painted.
Weekly wisdom: Don't fight the waddle.  I have absolutely reached the waddling state and I have just embraced it at this point.
Looking forward to: Ordering some fun nursery stuff from Etsy and cleaning out the nursery over the next week or so.

And for fun, a side by side comparison of the week 8 bump and the week 24 bump in the same shirt.  

Photo Collage

*Please excuse the fact that you can see through this shirt.  It's not made for my big pregnant ass in full panel maternity pants!

Have a good night!

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