Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The One with the Weekly Pregnancy Update

I clearly need a little kick in the ass to start blogging again.

I have post-it notes in random places throughout my house with all these ideas about blogging, but I can't seem to find the time.  Even as I type this, I have two loads of laundry going, the dishwasher is almost done and needs to be emptied, I have two videos that need to be transferred to DVDs for school, and Hubs is shooting me dirty looks because he wants to watch the Breaking Bad DVD that came from Netflix today.  Not enough hours in the day.

I promise to be try to be better about blogging.

Onto the update...

22 Weeks

Uh, when the hell did I get so huge?!

How far along? 22 weeks (papaya)
Total weight gain/loss: I am just about one and a half pounds past my IVF transfer weight but the doctor is using my weight from my annual exam last spring so he says I'm up about 6 pounds.
Maternity clothes: Nothing but.  Just ordered a few more ribbed tanks from Old Navy because I wear them under everything.
Sleep: I wake up a couple times every night, always at 4:30 but have been able to go back to sleep pretty easily.
Best moment this week: Feeling real kicks and punches from the little guy.  Also hearing from the OB that the results of our anatomy scan look great.

Miss Anything? Turkey sandwich from Panera.
Movement: Yes!  He's either going to be a soccer player or have some serious ADHD!  He's squirming around like crazy as I type.
Food cravings: Cereal, milk with ice cubes (I don't even really like milk!), chips and onion dip
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really, but I can still smell everything.
Gender: Boy all the way.
Labor Signs: No, but I heard Braxton Hicks contractions can start at any point now.

Symptoms: I've been having some sciatic nerve pain which is super fun and I'm getting tired again in the afternoons.
Major purchases this week? I pretty much pick up an outfit every time I go to a store.  It's a small sickness.
Weekly wisdom: It will all get done.  Enjoy every moment of the pregnancy and remember that the important stuff will get done.  The rest can wait.
Looking forward to: A trip to Pottery Barn Kids this weekend to officially pick out the nursery furniture.  More details on the nursery in one of those "I promise to be a better blogger" posts.

On a related side note, my OB is leaving the practice.  I absolutely love him and he has the perfect combination of sarcasm, swearing, and true caring for his patients.  I am now in a full-on search for a new OB before next month.  I have asked lots of local friends and even called Dr. Bow Tie today to ask for his recommendation.  I am making some phone calls tomorrow to see who is taking new patients and hopefully I will find a new one soon.  I go back to Dr. S one more time before he leaves and then I'll start seeing the new doctor.  

The quest for a pediatrician starts next!

And just for proof about the shopping...baby boy's closet...

Notice all the sale tags though...Mommy shops a lot, but shops smart!

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