Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The One with the Nursery Ideas

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, and for quite a while before if I am being honest, I have dreamed about a nursery for our baby.

I envision it as this calm and pretty space with matching colors and gorgeous furniture.  I also want it to be a place that can grow with our little one.  I don't love all the theme nurseries and just want something that looks classic and put together without being too baby or cutesy.  Finding this for a boy is difficult.  There are a million adorable baby girl nurseries and bedding sets.  The boy sets are either animals or sports.  Some people love that, but it's not my style.

That being said, we have a pretty small room and my "perfect" nursery needs to mesh with my real life.  It's quite tragic that I am not famous and/or rich because I could design the hell out of a baby space!

I love love love this nursery, but for some crazy reason Hubs wouldn't go for the polka dot walls.  Silly husband!

It took a little work on my part, but I finally convinced Hubs that a blue, gray, and white nursery would look fantastic.  So, those are the colors we are going with.

We have ordered some pieces for our little guy already and I have some ideas for other things I want to do.  So I figured I'd detail it all here and it would be a place to keep my ideas organized.

My fantastic in-laws generously purchased our crib and dresser for us.  They, along with the fabulous chair, are being delivered in late February during my school vacation.
Larkin 4-in-1 Crib from Pottery Barn Kids

Comfort Grand Swivel Glider from Pottery Barn Kids in Dove Gray Cotton with Ivory Piping

The plan is to do the walls in a light blue (possibly Glidden Sweet Baby Boy or Behr Madras Blue) and then do a gray (maybe Behr Porpoise) and white stripe in the middle of the wall, very similar to the picture below.  I don't have the original link, but it is on my Pinterest Nursery board if you follow me (button on the top of the blog page).

Baby's name is definitely NOT Lucas, btw...not so great experience with that name in my classroom.

I know nothing about painting and Hubs hates it so the whole process should be interesting!

I really like this area rug from Pottery Barn Teen.  Still trying to decide whether we will do a gray or blue rug on the hardwoods.

Decorator Border Rug in Warm Gray from Pottery Barn Teen

I have decided not to do the traditional bedding set and I am mixing and matching from different places.  I am going to order a crib skirt on Etsy.  I originally thought I would get it in gray, but now I am wondering if I should do a light blue because of the gray rug and chair that will already be in there.  Thoughts?

We have registered for a lot of different crib sheets that will all match the blue and gray colors.  Here are a few pictures:

Roadster Crib Fitted Sheet from Pottery Barn Kids...Hubs needed race cars in there somewhere!

 Gray Elephant Fitted Sheet from Pottery Barn Kids

I am also going to have some new knobs made for the dresser from an Etsy shop.  They will look similar to this but will have gray in them as well.

From Etsy shop Sweet Mix Creations

I also registered for some of the canvas buckets and totes at PBK in gray and white.   I am an organization freak of nature and cannot wait to get everything in just the right place.  (And yes, I realize it won't stay like this once he starts moving around).

We have this weird space behind the door in the nursery and I am hoping to put up some IKEA spice racks to use as bookshelves, similar to this, because we don't really have enough wall space for a reading nook.

Original image here

I also need to get some sort of organizer for the closet as well.  It's pretty small and while his clothes are still so little and short, I want to put up some drawers or bins for non-hanging stuff that he will need, along with toys.

I definitely want to hang the wooden letters that spell out his name above the crib (name still TBD) and also put up some pictures from our maternity session that we are doing in late March.

So, that's what I am thinking for the little man's space.  I can't wait to start cleaning out that room this week so it can start to become "his."

Off to do more daydreaming and blog searching and pinning...

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  1. I LOVE all your ideas!! I totally agree with you on the classic/soft nursery feeling without being too cutesy or baby themed... I especially love that you are thinking of even the littlest details like the knobs on the dresser!