Thursday, June 27, 2013

The One with the First Father's Day

I realize it's been almost two weeks since Father's Day but I really wanted to do a quick recap post about how we spent Hubs' first Father's Day.

I knew I wanted his first holiday as a daddy to be extra special so I planned a few things to celebrate him.  Everything was a surprise (which was pure torture for Hubs!) and I had so much fun deciding what to do for him.

We started off Saturday by heading out to lunch.  We just went to a local chain restaurant because we were both starving and wanted to squeeze lunch in before Liam woke up.

I then gave Hubs directions to an appliance store about 30 minutes away where we went to pick out his present.  I kinda messed up and thought we would be able to take the present home that day.  Unfortunately, we had to order it and they told us we were going to have to wait almost two weeks for it to be delivered.  However, Hubs was pretty excited that we ordered this...

Samsung 65" Smart LED TV.  Similar here.

We had been talking about getting a new TV for a while to replace the ancient rear-projection TV we had in our living room.  I decided it would make a really great Father's Day gift.  Hubs was definitely a little disappointed that we couldn't take the TV home that afternoon, but was looking forward to it being delivered.

I digress momentarily...
Because my husband is the world's most impatient person, he actually got out of work early one day last week and went to pick up the TV.  I was in Chicago so he had to put everything together himself (and I had to fix it when I got home because he had it hooked up incorrectly!), but we now have a giant TV in our living room.

Back to the weekend...
Saturday afternoon we headed to a graduation party and then just relaxed at home watching the hockey game (on our crappy old TV as Hubs kept teasing me about!).

On Sunday, we went out for an awesome breakfast place that Hubs has been talking about since we first went there several months ago.  They have fantastic food and huge portions.  Like pancakes that are the size of the entire plate.  It was so yummy!  I totally forgot to take a picture of my food, but I was very full when we left.  Liam was awesome throughout the entire breakfast and woke up to eat just as we were finishing our meals.

I had originally planned for us to head up to Boston for lunch/dinner but we were both so full from breakfast that we decided to postpone that trip to another weekend (Hubs still doesn't know where we will be going).  So, we went up to IKEA instead to pick out a TV stand.

We got this one.

While Liam and I were away in Chicago and after Hubs picked up the TV, he decided to put that stand together.  If you have ever bought anything from IKEA you know everything comes in eighty billion pieces and you have to almost whittle the wood yourself to put it together.

Hubs was less than thrilled with the whole experience and has informed me we will never be buying anything from IKEA again (and I quote..."not even a fucking wooden spoon").

Thank God I was halfway across the country for this hot mess!

 By the time I got home from Chicago, this monstrosity was in my living room.

  While it is huge, I will admit it's nice to be able to read the guide without squinting.

When we got home that day, I snapped a few pictures of my boys.

We had a great weekend together and I think Hubs enjoyed his first Father's Day.  He is such an awesome father to both Liam and Max and we are so lucky to have him.

Love you honey!

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