Thursday, June 13, 2013

The One with the Thursday Thoughts

How is it Thursday already?  I feel like this week has flown by.  That is most definitely because I am not working.  If I were stuck in school, it would be the longest.week.ever.  They are all like that in June.

Here's what's floating around in my head today...
  • I went into school yesterday to go over a few things with my sub.  She has been doing an awesome job with the kids and they seem to be learning everything they are supposed to.  However, my anal, controlling, OCD self couldn't stand that there were no extra sharpened pencils in the bucket for extra sharpened pencils.  In fact, I sharpened a whole bunch when I was there last Thursday after school because there weren't any then either.  So in less than a week, my hoarding students went through eleventy jillion pencils and there are no more.  Good thing school is almost done because apparently no more pencils will be sharpened.  So stupid, I know.  But these are the things that bug me.
  • I started the massive project entitled, "Pack for a week-long road trip with your newborn and your mother including clothes and the like for a wedding you are in."  It is overwhelming to say the least.  Liam's crib is currently the place that all things that are being packed have landed.  Good thing he doesn't sleep in it yet.
This is like 4 things out of the 6 million more that need to be packed.  I have lists all over the house.
  • If Max steals one more pillow off the couch or sock or towel or blanket, I may kill him.  He's been warned.
  • I am really craving a Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks.  And also the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad from Panera.  And some chocolate.  There will definitely be a food stop or two when L and I go out to run errands in a bit.
  • Hubs is on a "we are moving" kick.  I have been on that kick for a while for space and school reasons, but now he is suddenly on the bandwagon because he wants a new car.  Do not even ask how making a huge purchase like a house would mean that he could get a new car.  His logic baffles me.
  • I am working on this project for my best friend's wedding shower gift.  She already knows about it, so it's not like I'm ruining the secret or anything.  Relax.  It is also getting packed for the road trip next week.
  • My kid is the loudest freaking waker-upper ever.  He stretches, grunts, groans, farts, and makes all these ridiculous noises for like an hour before he actually wakes up.  It's hysterical to listen to.  Unless it starts at 4 am.  Then it's terrible.  But still kinda hysterical and definitely still adorable.
  • Big Father's Day plans in the works for this weekend.  Recap post coming next week.
  • After taking an hour and a half to wake up this morning, I leaned over and saw this.  ::melt my heart::

Off to run those errands.  Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. Just want to congratulate you on your handsome little guy Liam!! So happy for you and your husband!!