Thursday, October 3, 2013

The One with the Thursday Thoughts

Happy Friday Eve people!

How is everyone's week going?

Mine feels endless and I am so very happy that tomorrow is Friday.

The following thoroughly unimportant thoughts have been swirling in my brain...

  • I just whacked my elbow on the chair in the kitchen when I was walking by.  Of all the places on my body to hit, I choose the one place that has not an ounce of fat or flab.  There are certainly plenty of other cushy places that wouldn't have hurt as much, but somehow I managed to hit straight bone.
  • I have a shopping date this weekend with myself.  I need some retail therapy big time.  Even if I just browse, I need to get out and look at some pretty things (who am I kidding, I can't "just browse").
  • I need a Starbucks caramel apple spice in my life very soon.  I've managed to survive thus far this fall without one, but it is definitely in the plans this weekend.
  • As I was typing this post, I dropped my laptop on the floor while reaching for the baby monitor.  When I tried to stop it from falling, I somehow managed to smash/scrape my finger into the side of the screen and cut my skin enough to bleed.  Blogging injury?  I am a hot mess sometimes.
  • L is days away from rolling over from back to belly.  He apparently wants to defy all norms and go this way first.  He has no desire to go from belly to back.
  • This crazy beast is curled up next to me on the couch keeping my company until Hubs finally gets home from work.

  • My view from the shower the other morning (please excuse the mess of a bathroom).  Cannot handle his open-mouthed smile.

  • I realized the other day that I have no fall scented candles in the house.  Clearly my shopping trip this weekend will include a trip to Bath and Body Works.  While I'm not into the pumpkin, I can definitely get behind all the apple scented candles this year.
  • Several friends/acquaintances/blogging peeps are pregnant or just had babies.  I am already thinking about when we can do a FET (frozen embryo transfer).  We only have one frobaby and the chances of it leading to a successful pregnancy aren't great, but I feel like we have to try.  My IF brain is already preparing for the worst and we haven't even planned if/when we are going to do this.  That feeling of failure and disappointment is always there.
  • I need some new songs for my iPod.  What is everyone listening to these days?
(My finger and elbow are throbbing by the way)
  • This weekend will hopefully involve some of these apple fritters so I can use up some of the apples from our trip to the orchard last weekend.
I'm off to try to catch up on a few DVRed shows.  Keeping up with fall TV is tough this year with work and a baby!

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  1. Mmmmmm fall! I want to go get one of those drinks!