Sunday, February 2, 2014

The One with I'm Alive

So this was going to be my first post in a month, but there's going to be two published posts today because my Mommy brain never told my fingers to press publish on Liam's 8 month update post.  So you get two for the price of one today.  You are one lucky reader!

We are all alive over here in Rhode Island.

Despite the runny noses (Hubs, Nana, and Liam) and the icepick migraines (yours truly) and the snow and freezing temps (the whole damn country!) and the teacher evaluation binder (thank you genius politicians), we are managing...

And that would be as far as I got with this post on Friday before one thing or another pulled my attention away.

So here I sit on Sunday night, watching a Sex and the City marathon in our bedroom because Hubs is watching that football game I don't care about in the living room, finally able to finish the post I started more than 48 hours ago.

The post was basically just to say that we are alive and (mostly) well.  Liam is rocking it out with the crawling and I'll post a lot more about him later this week when I do his 9 month post.  I need to get on the babyproofing ASAP as he is moving around like crazy.

 We have graduated to the baby tub in the big tub.  Mommy's back feels awesome about this.

  Someone thoroughly enjoyed his first taste of macaroni.

School continues to suck the life out of me, although I am desperately trying to remember that it is just a job and that I need to leave some of the nonsense of it in the four walls of the school building instead of bringing it home with me.

My latest stress revolves around childcare for the fall.  My mom agreed to watch Liam for the first year, but she is physically unable to do more than that as Liam becomes more mobile.  Every time I start to search for daycares in the area, I get a pit in my stomach.  I cannot even begin to imagine leaving him with someone else.  And then I stop searching.  But it has to be a legitimate priority for February vacation since I'm sure there are waiting lists for the places I'll be looking at.

I am mildy obsessed with the new nautical line that Old Navy is carrying.  I went in there last week to return something and came home with a bag full of stuff (and most of it was for me and not L, which is unheard of lately!).  The new Paddington line at babyGap is also to die for and I definitely ordered a few things for L the other day (with coupons and rewards...why yes I am justifying spending the money to myself).

Alright, I'm off to finish up a few things to start the week.  Heard we are supposed to get another storm mid-week around here.  Really hoping there isn't another snow day.  I'm going to be in school until July.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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  1. is liam wearing one of those cool necklaces that is supposed to help with calming or teething or something? those things are cool! also, i too am obsessed with old navy's nautical line!