Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The One with the First Birthday Wish List

As difficult as this is for me to wrap my mind around, the little man turns one in less than two weeks.


I seriously have no idea where the time has gone.

We are planning quite the party for Memorial Day weekend and I put together a little wish list of presents for Liam.

Hubs and I haven't decided what we are getting for him yet, but here are some ideas.

I have visions of strolls in the neighborhood with this bad boy and can already see Liam in this all dressed in his Halloween costume next fall.

This thing is pretty cool.  The harness and push handles can be removed so Liam can eventually ride by himself.  It even has a drink and snack holder!

This is definitely something we will get a lot of use from this summer.  Liam already loves to splash in the bathtub and I can't wait to get him swimming.

Liam loved these blocks when we visited with friends last month and I think it's such a classic toy that he definitely needs.

So the jury is still out as to whether or not we have an appropriate tree to attach this swing to, but I still think L needs it!

I can't decide which print or pattern I want for this chair, but I love the idea of getting a mini chair for Liam.  And my PBK chair is the most comfortable thing on the planet.

This stroller from my most favorite company isn't even out yet, but this mama is already drooling over it.  I truly love our stroller (Britax B-Ready) but would love this for quick errands when I don't need as much storage space.  A mom can dream right?

Liam can always use clothes too, but I did do some damage at Carter's this past weekend while we were in Maine.

Any other mamas have great first birthday present ideas for the little ones?

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