Monday, July 1, 2013

The One with the June Cara Box

This month I participated in the Cara Box exchange again.

Cara Box

Cara Box was started by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals in an effort to get to know other bloggers and receive super fun mail!  This was my third month participating and I had so much fun with this.  Each month has a theme and you can read more about how Cara Box works here.

I was paired up with Amanda at Mama & Co. and Erin from Lucky Clover Boutique.  It was so fun getting to know both ladies and while this month's theme was a little challenging, I enjoyed picking out items for Erin's Cara Box.  Head over to her blog to see what I sent her in the Cara Box.

I came home from Liam's doctor's appointment today to a box from Amanda.  This month's theme was all about fairs and carnivals and Amanda did an awesome job incorporating this theme into the box she sent me.  I didn't make it all that easy for her considering I'm not all that into carnivals (creepy thank you!).

In the box from Amanda, there were two toys for Liam (Sassy brand is a fave of mine), funnel cake mix (uh cannot wait to try this out!), cotton candy cookie mix (I got this for Erin too and I almost bought a bag for excited that I make some of these now!), lip balm (it's one of those cute little Eos ones that's shaped like an egg), hand sanitizer and nail polish, and the most adorable monogrammed cup (  Thanks Amanda for all the awesome stuff!


Once again, I had so much fun with the Cara Box exchange this month.  Unfortunately, I missed the deadline to sign up for July's exchange because I was on the big road trip, but I am looking forward to participating again soon.

I definitely recommend signing up for this exchange if you haven't already.

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