Sunday, November 17, 2013

The One with the Move

I mentioned in Liam's six-month update post that we have been working to transition him out of the swaddle.  He did pretty well with one arm out and eventually got used to having both arms out of the swaddle.  The change to no swaddle and just pajamas was no big deal and he has been sleeping like that for a week and a half or so.  Up until Friday night, he was in the Rock n' Play in our room.

That all changed Friday night when my baby made the move to his own room.

::cue Mommy tears and slight anxiety attack::

Having Liam in our room has been awesome.  He's a good sleeper, goes back to sleep pretty easily with a pacifier replacement if it's too early to be awake, and it's been quite convenient to have him right there when he needs something.

I prepared myself for a really tough weekend of sleep for everyone.

On Friday night, what I got was a longer time than usual to fall asleep, a couple of middle of the night pacifier replacements and rocking sessions in the Rock 'n Play, and an earlier than usual wake up on Saturday morning.  On Saturday night, the falling asleep time was only slightly longer than usual; there was only one wake up that needed Mommy; and L slept until his normal time.

As I sit here typing this, I have a baby sleeping in his own room contently after going to sleep with no help from me.  He did wake up crying about an hour ago, but his eyes never opened and it seemed like more of a "bad dream" situation than a true waking up.

May I add that if you are pregnant, get one of these video monitors.  So very worth it.

I haven't slept as well as L has, considering I have been waking up a lot and peeking over at the screen to check on him.  But, this weekend has gone much better than expected.  

I miss having him in our room, but I know he is only across the hallway (and may have gotten up several times the first night to go make sure he was still there, even after seeing him on the monitor).

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Next up...the crib...

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