Friday, November 8, 2013

The One with the Six Month Update

I have a six-month old.  I have a six-month old.

I seriously have been repeating this to myself since Tuesday in an effort to make it sink in.  It still hasn't and I cannot believe six months has gone by since this little man entered our world.


Liam Michael you are


What a month we have had!  It has been exciting and filled with so much fun stuff and new developments.

What are your stats and what does the doctor say?
We saw Dr. G today and you are weighing in at 20 pounds, 5 ounces.  That's the 90th percentile for weight big boy!  You are 26 1/2 inches long and your height to weight ratio is right in proportion.  You had to have your head measured 3 times this afternoon because the nurse was sure she was making a mistake.  Your head is 45 1/2 centimeters around and that is off the charts apparently.  Dr. G said it is most likely familial macrocephaly, which basically means big heads run in the family (uh have you seen Daddy's head?!).  However, he wants to rule out any other causes of your big melon (like extra fluid) so we are going for an ultrasound of your head sometime in the next week or so.  Dr. G also told Mommy that bigger heads mean bigger brains and a recent study actually showed kids with bigger heads have slightly higher IQs.  Mommy always knew you were going to be super smart!  You got your 6 month shots and also the flu vaccine.  You're sitting next to me chatting away so I don't think they had any adverse effects.  Dr. G also gave us the go ahead to start solid foods

What are you eating?
You still eat four 8-ounce bottles of Similac Advance formula a day and you still have your 1-ounce bottle before bed every night.  Mommy decided to switch you to the level three nipple last week and it has definitely helped you take your bottles more easily again.  The plan is to start solid foods this weekend or next.  We are planning to follow a modified baby-led weaning (BLW) plan.  All this really means is that Mommy and Daddy are going to offer you real food instead of pureed baby foods.  You will feed yourself most of the time, but we will probably do some spoon feeding of baby cereal and yogurt at some point.  You will probably try sweet potatoes and avocados first.  The point of all this is to be able to feed you what we eat and also to encourage a healthy relationship with food from the beginning.  The philosophy is also that "food is for fun until age 1" because you will still get all your nutrients from formula.   We are looking forward to seeing your face when you try these new things!  Mommy already has the bibs and wipes ready for the mess!

When do you sleep and eat?
We have had some big changes this month and the coming months will hold even more on the sleep front.  You are officially sleeping with both arms out of your swaddle.  We have been transitioning you since shortly after you turned 5 months old.  We started with one arm out and moved to two arms out about 2 weeks ago.  You are still a wiggle worm and are often moving your arms like crazy now that they are free, but you have done a pretty good job putting yourself back to sleep.  The plan is to free you from the swaddle this weekend.  Mommy isn't ready for you to sleep in your crib yet, but that is coming...probably by Thanksgiving. You are still sleeping between 10 and 11 hours a night.  You are awake most mornings between 5:30 and 6:00 with a huge smile on your face.  You have your first bottle with Mommy in your room while you wake up.  Then you go visit with Daddy in bed and he loves the special time you have together in the morning while Mommy gets dressed.  You hang out in your highchair after this and play with your toys while Mommy and Daddy get ready to leave the house.  Your naps are still somewhat unpredictable, but you usually sleep for about 30 minutes sometime between 8:00 and 9:00.  Nana keeps you busy in your exersaucer or on your playmat until your second bottle around 10:00.  You usually take a longer nap sometime between then and your 2:00 bottle, but some days you fight your naps like crazy.  You usually have another short nap before Mommy gets home from work.  Lately, you have needed another short nap around 5:00, especially on the days you don't sleep during the day.  You have your last bottle around 6:00 and we start getting ready for bed by 6:45.  You are usually asleep between 7:00 and 7:30.

BabyLegs leg warmers make excellent arm warmers when transitioning out of the swaddle.

What do your routines look like?
Lots of the same with this, especially at night.  The nap routine is not happening and Mommy isn't sure you will ever find a pattern with that.  At night, you get your bath, massage, swaddle with arms out, small bottle, story, and song.  You get rocked for a few minutes in your room and then it's off to sleep in the Rock 'n Play in Mommy and Daddy's room.  This will change a little soon when you are out of the swaddle and sleeping in the Rock 'n Play in your room before you get moved to your crib.

What size clothes and diapers are you wearing?
You are wearing 6 month clothes, but Mommy is pulling out the 9 month ones this weekend.  As the weather gets cooler, you need some warmer clothes (although you are still always so hot!).  You are wearing size 3 diapers.

What are some things you love?
Your smile is contagious, little guy!  You love to smile and laugh, yell and scream, and talk to everyone.  You are so curious about everything around you and try to grab everything within your reach.  You love bright colors and patterns.  You are enjoying your exersaucer, but don't like to be alone in it when someone is in the other room.  You are pretty happy in your highchair and like to be able to see everything in the kitchen.  Cold teething toys are a favorite of yours and Nana discovered that you enjoy Mommy's rubber spatulas as well.  You still love walks in your stroller and rides in the car.  You love to stand and are always trying to pull yourself up using our hands anytime you are sitting.  You do like spending time in your crib kicking your feet and playing with your toys.  You really love Max and screech every time he walks by you.  If only he would stay still for longer so you could pet him!

What are some things you don't love?
You don't like to be alone for long and even though it's only for a few minutes to make a bottle or take Max out, you get mighty frustrated if there isn't someone to talk to.  Your personality is already quite strong and you show your frustration if things don't happen as quickly as you would like.  Up until about a month ago, you loved being rocked to sleep in someone's arms and slept best like that for your naps.  Without warning, you suddenly let us know that you no longer like that to happen.  If you are overtired or cranky, you get mighty mad if we try to put in your pacifier and rock you.  Often, a push in the stroller will make things better.

What can you do?
Your gross and fine motor skills have really taken off this month!  You are now sitting up with very little support.  You still tumble over to the sides sometimes, but you easily pull yourself back to sitting when you tip forward into the tripod position.  You put everything in your mouth and are doing a great job of grabbing for items you want.  While you aren't anywhere near crawling yet, you are using your knees and feet more when you are on your tummy.  You are such a strong little boy and stand with support.  You still haven't rolled from back to belly yet, but it should be coming soon.  You are pulling yourself to a sitting position from a reclined position.  You do this really funny move where you tighten and straighten your whole body and almost hold your breath whenever you get excited.  You laugh and giggle when we tickle you.  You also blow raspberries all.the.time and get so much drool all over yourself!

What are some firsts from this month?
Shortly before you turned 6-months old, we discovered your first tooth popping through.  Mommy had been feeling around your gums for weeks because you had been drooling like crazy, but nothing seemed to be happening.  Finally, with no warning and no real crankiness of your part, your first tooth appeared one morning.  It is on the left in the middle of your bottom gums.  Less than a week later, your second tooth popped through right next to the first one.  You haven't really complained too much about it and it's so cute to see those little toofers coming in.  You also celebrated your first Halloween.  You were a dinosaur and looked so darn cute in your costume.  Mommy dressed you in a lot of Halloween clothes this month and she doesn't even really like this holiday!  She even put you in a pumpkin!

What was Mommy's Mother of the Year moment this month?
Last week, Mommy had you sitting in your crib playing with your kick and play piano while she put some laundry away.  There was a blanket draped over both sides of the crib in case you tipped over and Mommy was watching you pretty closely.  However, in the split second she turned around, you managed to tumble over and bump your head on the crib.  Luckily, you hit the blanket and didn't seem to be too bothered by it, but Mommy felt pretty bad.

What are some of your nicknames?
Pumpkin, Peanut, Little Man

What are we looking forward to in the next month?
You are going to celebrate your first Thanksgiving this month.  Not a favorite holiday of Mommy's but it gets us one day closer to Christmas!  We will visit with family for Thanksgiving and most likely travel to Connecticut to see Mommy's side of the family.  We are looking forward to starting solid foods soon too.

We got lots of fun pictures this month during your photo shoot.  You are getting pretty wiggly!

We love you so much pumpkin and every day is so much fun!


  1. eeeep he is so adorable. And at such a fun age. I cannot wait for mine to get here. I'm going to tell you one of my many bad mommy first born was around your sons age and he fell off my bed. I was sitting with him on my bed and went to grab a toy that was in my room and he just rolled right off. Safe to say he never feel off my bed again lol.

  2. Hi! Awwww look at those cheeks! He is so precious. Babies make holidays so much more fun too! You will definitely enjoy thanksgiving.