Thursday, August 2, 2012

The One with the Baseline

I had my baseline appointment this morning.  This appointment is to check my ovaries to make sure they are sufficiently "sleeping" and to have something to compare the rest of my appointments to in the future.  I had blood work and an ultrasound.  The blood work went surprisingly well considering my teeny tiny nonexistent veins.  The techs at my center are awesome and she got a vein on the first stick.  The blood test was to check my e2 (estrogen) levels and also make sure I'm not already pregnant (would I be doing the stabby needle thing if I was?!).

Only a small mark from the needle and I'm crossing my finger that there won't be a bruise.

The ultrasound involved the tech sticking the vag cam in my va-jay-jay and checking my ovaries for their size and to look for any cysts.

The vag cam.  Come on, you know you're jealous I had a date with this guy this morning.

When the ultrasound was over, the tech said everything looked the way it should and I should expect a phone call this afternoon.

My phone rang around 1:30 this afternoon and the nurse said the blood work and ultrasound were perfect.  She went through the next steps with me.  Tomorrow morning, I cut the dose of Lupron in half (thank you sweet Jesus!) and continue taking 5 iu for the remainder of the cycle.  Tomorrow night, I add in 175 iu of Follistim.  This is the stimulation medication that will help my ovaries to produce lots of eggs.  I go back to the doctor's office on Monday for blood work to check my hormone levels.  Hopefully everything will look fabulous and I'll be able to continue the protocol.

Updated calendar with the new meds and appointments.

I'm nervous, excited, and hoping that the leprechauns (The Leprechauns with Spikey Shoes) are gone for good.  I'll post again after the addition of the Follistim.  Crossing my fingers that my ove's start doing lots of egg producing!

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