Sunday, August 19, 2012

The One with the Update

Just a quick update about how our embies are doing today.  I talked to the IVF lab a few minutes ago and all 9 embies are continuing to develop very nicely.  After fertilization, the cells start to divide.  On day 2 (today), they like to see the embies between 2 and 4 cells each.  She told me we have 4 embies that are 2-cells, 3 embies that are 3-cells, and 2 embies that are 4-cells.  All of the embryos are of very good quality.  That is great news for our little ones!

She let me know that we are going to do a transfer tomorrow (Monday) morning at 8:45 am.  This is a 3-day transfer.  Sometimes, they stretch this out to a 5-day transfer to watch for more dividing, but a 3-day transfer is more common.  Hubs is going to go back to work tomorrow, so my mom is going to come with me for the transfer.  So, I  return to the center tomorrow morning with a full bladder and have one or two little ones (we decide tomorrow) put back inside my ute where it (they) will hopefully take up residence for the next 9 months.

We could use all the sticky prayers and vibes you can offer!  I'll do another update tomorrow after I am officially transferred.

P.S. TMI alert: These vag pills are terrible.  I am buying stock in Always panty liners and I feel gross!  Just a little nugget of info for your Sunday morning.


  1. Great news!! That is so exciting! Grow little embies!!!

    PS: I have some of the same stock! Haha! Nasty business, but for a good cause!

    Good Luck tomorrow!

  2. Hi I just found your blog and I wanted you to know I'll be sending you sticky thoughts and prayers!

  3. Tons of sticky vibes coming your way!!

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  5. Thinking about you and wishing you good luck with the transfer!! I hope it's going/went smoothly!

    p.s. I deleted my previous comment b/c I'm dumb and answered my own question : P Can't wait to hear more news : D