Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The One with Things That Make Me Happy

So, I'm in this dreaded 2ww and I may be definitely am getting antsy already.  I'm 2dp3dt (2 days past 3-day transfer) and I've got many more days until we find out if Thing 1 and/or Thing 2 decided to take up residence in my uterus.  I'm nannying this week, which helps to fill the days, but I'm still spending way more time than is normal thinking about my uterus, embryos, and vag pills.  Although the vag pill thinking is not my fault.  I'm reminded of those on a regular basis.  Like every time I pee.  Or move.

But, I digress.

I decided to make a post about the little things that are making me happy right now**.  I find it necessary to remind myself of these things every once in a while as a way to remember that there are an amazing amount of fabulous things in my life.  IF doesn't have to be the big, ugly, evil, dark, bitchy cloud over it all!

Without further ado and with pictures...

1.  I organized our junk drawer over the weekend.  It still has junk it, but at least it looks pretty.

2. A friend and co-worker dropped off these beautiful flowers last week after my retrieval.  They are gorgeous and I love looking at them.  Plus, she brought her adorable son over to visit as well and I just want to smush him because's he so darn cute!

3. Loving my new aviators I picked up at Kohls.  As my best friend said, "They were made for your midget-sized face!"

4.  This stuff works miracles.  I am covered in mosquito bites from being out with the kids this week.  I think there is a sign on my back that says, "Mosquitos near and far, please come taste my blood.  It's apparently delicious."  This makes the yucky itchiness feel so much better!

5.  Starbucks Unsweetened Passion Iced Tea Lemonade.  Delish.  And makeable at home.  Which is good because Starbucks wants me to pay ridiculous amounts of money for the yumminess.

6.  Our view.  Days go by without me appreciating this and I need to remember how lucky we are to look at this every day.  Those chairs and that fire pit are calling my name this weekend.

7.  I almost threw this plant away yesterday, but one more little bloom decided to make an appearance.  Guess I need to remember that just because something appears dead and barren doesn't mean it always is.

8.  While we are on the plant theme, my basil is rocking out this summer.  I am going to have to cut it for the 4th time since early June.  Way to go me!  (Side note, I typically kill all plants that try to live at my house).

9.  This candle from here is one of the last things I am clutching onto from summer.  While part of me is ready to fly my fall flag with all its pumpkin-spiced, apple crisp, sweater glory, the other part is loving the long and lazy summer days filled with smell of the island.

10.  This song.  Dave Barnes is amazing.  We danced to one of his songs at our wedding.  I'm getting ahead of myself, but I can absolutely imagine playing this song when we get our take home baby.  It's beautiful and I love it.

**It should be added that my amazing Hubs, dog, family, and friends make me unbelievably happy every day and I am beyond lucky to have them. 

So, there you have it.  Random pictures of things that may or may not make you happy, but are helping me chug through each day over here.

More on some new recipes I'm planning on trying soon in the next post.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who organizes a junk drawer. :) Glad you are finding things to help keep you happy and positive. That is what your little beans need!

  2. Oh the dreaded 2ww!
    My advice for those pesky mosquitoes is dryer sheets! Take one and rub it on, works like a charm and you don't smell like bug spray!
    #5- yummmmm! I had my first one on Monday and ran out Tuesday to pick up the fixings for home. So so good!