Monday, September 3, 2012

The One with the End of Summer

Today is my last official night of summer vacation.  I am having mixed feelings.

Things I am excited about for the new school year:

1. New students with new ideas, excitement, and super cute back to school clothes.

2. Sharp pencils that haven't been written with yet.

3. Twistables crayons.  Seriously, these things rock!  No more peeling crayon paper.
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4. Catching up with colleagues.

5. Watching first graders learn to read.

Things I am not excited about for the new school year:

1. Getting dressed in real (non-yoga pants) clothes every day.

2. Packing a lunch.  I am going to miss just opening the fridge and making whatever I want at lunch time.

3. Having no time to read a book, expect possibly If You Give a Mouse a Cookie or June B.: First Grader (at last!).
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4. Complete and utter exhaustion for the first few weeks months.

5. Alarm clocks (although Max has served as one all summer anyway!).

The kids don't actually start until Thursday.  Tuesday and Wednesday consist of meetings and professional development.

But, for all intents and purposes, summer is over.  Ready and not so ready for that to be happening.


I leave you with a picture of how I found Max today.  Apparently, our central-air-at-72-degrees house was just too warm for him and he had to seek relief somewhere.

He kept right on snoring even when I went in to pee.

Hope everyone had a restful and relaxing Labor Day!


  1. Good luck on your first day. Does the "months" mean good news?? :)

  2. School supplies in general make me happy.
    Very, very, happy.

  3. Those crayons kind of make me a little sad... but then, I don't usually have to deal with all the peeling : )

    Hope your first 'week' went smoothly and that your first *full* week started off great!!