Saturday, September 15, 2012

The One with Some Catch-Up

What up blogging world?

Sorry I've been MIA for a while.  That whole going back to school nonsense has really gotten in the way of my blogging life.  And pretty much any other kind of life I may have had during the summer.

Quick run-down of life lately:

  • I am pretty happy with my class this year.  They are a good group and we haven't had any major issues yet.  Couple of chatterboxes, but I usually whip them into shape quickly!  Thankfully very different from how my year started last September.
  • Saw these Candy Corn White Chocolate M&Ms when I was at Target last week and I immediately picked them up.  I don't know how to describe the's not really candy corn like, but they are pretty fab.
Oh em gee!  Festive and delish!
  • I need to seal our granite countertops this weekend.  It's such a project and I dread doing it every year, but they desperately need to be done.
  • As previously mentioned, I won't be talking about the results of all of our tests quite yet.  I'm just not ready to go there.  Thanks for being patient with me.
  • I put together this made up creation for lunch today.  It's a pizza I made using the Philly cooking creme (I adore this stuff).  I found a new pesto one at the store last week and mixed that in with the chicken.  Then I spread ranch dressing on the pizza shell, put the pesto chicken on top and slathered it with cheese.  It was super yummy and lacking in all nutritional value.
  • I really need to go shopping for school clothes soon.  I need new shirts desperately and I am bored with my entire wardrobe.  Both Hubs and my wallet are going to strongly disagree with this idea.
  • We spent over an hour at Golfers' Warehouse today looking at putters.  And by we, I mean Hubs played with golf clubs for an eternity and I stood around watching.  I may deserve a present for my patience.  I may discuss that with him later today.  Perhaps this is where I will throw in the idea of the aforementioned wardrobe overhaul.
I am going to force myself to go and vacuum now.  I'm pretty sure I could create another Max with all of the fur that is flying around the house.  Speaking of the Wigglebutt, here's a picture from this week...

I just want to smush his face!

Off for a date with Dyson!


  1. Mmmm. I had no idea they made candy corn m&ms. I need some! I also think you deserve a present for waiting around like a good wife. Take all the time you need to post the results...sending you love! P.S. that pizza looks fantastic!

  2. First off that pizza looks too good not to try! I must make it soon. Don't worry about lacking on posting, school is kicking all our bums...even us 30yrold who are in the student seat!

  3. 1. I never would have thought to put all of those things together to make a little pizza---but I would certainly try what you made!
    2. Your dog....oh, we used to have a Rottie. His name was Eddie. How do we miss him? Let me count the ways! He was the BEST dog.
    3. An hour looking at putters? You so deserve new clothes for that.


  4. Welcome back!

    - I just tried those M&Ms and thought they were a tad gross (not the flavor or combination I'd have expected) but they did taste mostly like white chocolate.

    - OMG, that pizza sounds AMAZING!! I must try this. Ranch dressing on everything! haha

    - I know how you feel about the wardrobe, the wallet, the hubs and the FUR. Good gravy, that stuff is just outta control... it's getting cool, why are they still shedding?!?

    And in conclusion, I completely agree you deserve some new threads for the patience at a store where you couldn't even go look at stuff to do with other more interesting athletics, for making the delicious pizza, and for all that vacuuming!