Thursday, September 27, 2012

The One with the Lazy Blogger

I know it's been a while.

I just haven't felt much like blogging.

I'm exhausted from school, feeling like I'm being pulled in 100 different directions at once, and don't have much to say.

I will do an update in the next couple of weeks on Project Make a Baby and what is happening on that topic.  I'm just finding it's better for us right now to keep those details to ourselves.

On a different note, I got to meet a gorgeous brand new baby this past weekend.  One of my best friends gave birth last Monday to a beautiful little big girl (9 lbs, 8 oz.!).  It was so amazing to hold this little life in my arms and dream about having that some day.  My friend is already a fantastic mother and I can't wait to watch her daughter grow up.

My current "baby" is growing by the minute.  I swear Max gets taller and wider every time I look at him.  While I certainly don't miss the peeing-in-the-house-every-5-minutes, middle of the night trips outside, and the puppy teeth, I do miss him being this little...

His head barely fits under this table now!

Alright, I'm off to enlighten 6-year-old minds.  Or at least teach them how to write their names!


  1. I hope all is well with you, I miss seeing updates on your blog. Just wanted to drop by to say hello and let you know I nominated your blog for a Liebster Blog Award :)

  2. Thanks so much! I promise there are more posts coming very soon (I am working a really big one for this weekend!) Thanks for the nomination! I really appreciate it!