Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The One with the Wednesday Ramblings

I'm back for another round of Wednesday ramblings.

  • Today was literally the biggest waste of a professional day ever.  I mean who the frig needed to hear about how to renew our teaching licenses when almost every one of us has been here for numerous years?!  Completely useless day.
  • I packed my teacher bag this afternoon when I got home.  It was my first step in facing the reality of going back.
  • This brings me to my second reality facing activity - packing my lunch.  I'm already sick of it!  Good thing we order out on Fridays, so I only need to pack one lunch this week.
  • I have yet to pick out my first day of school outfit.  I went shopping yesterday but didn't find anything that I liked.  I think I may just wear a tank dress I have from Target because it will hopefully help keep me cool in my classroom.  The temperature is on par with the 10th circle of hell.
  • Another good thing about only having two days of school this week is I only have to wear real grown-up clothes for one day this week.  Not only is Friday order lunch day, but it's also wear jeans to school day.  Although jeans are significantly more real-clothes-like than I have worn all summer.
  • This whole post is school related so far.  Even I'm bored.
  • Have you checked out my friend Elyse's blog yet?  She is also part of the super sucky awesome club IF and she wrote a post last week about pink toilet seats, Starbucks, and full moons.  It was thoroughly enjoyable to read, even if combined it all caused her to have a semi-breakdown.  Love her lots!
  • Max requires Hubs to play throw the tennis ball every.single.night.  No matter how tired and sound asleep Max is before Hubs sits down on the couch after showering, he will wake up, find one of the dozens of tennis balls that litter my living room, and demand to be played with.
  • One of my best friends is ready to have her baby any day now.  Even with everything that is happening with us, I am beyond excited for her and her husband.  I cannot wait to meet her baby and visit with them very soon.  I'm crossing my fingers it will be sometime this weekend!
  • I have no fun pictures to share in this post.  Sorry, I'm a little sucks-at-life lately.
  • I have to get my DVR organized for the new fall shows.  I usually tape a whole boatload of them and then try them out for an episode or two.  Then I narrow it down to the ones I want to commit to.
Alright peeps, I'm off to "Be still like vegetables.  Lay like broccoli" (Pretty Woman, anyone?) on my couch where I will inevitably fall asleep at an in-the-8's time and be woken up by either a dog tongue on my face or Hubs hitting my foot telling me to get into bed and sleep.

Be on the lookout for a post about the first day of school soon.  And I promise there will be pictures in the next post.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Hopefully my pink toilet seat saves someone else's from becoming colorful!

  2. Aw, yay for bloggy shout-outs! (I always think I'm stalking you girls' blogs so I lay off for a few days and then voila- like 3 new posts! haha : )

    Ginny does that with the ball, too. If it's in her sights, then it's in her mouth, and then it's being not-so-subtly nudged up against our arms!

    Lastly, FAVORITE.MOVIE! Our movie-themed wedding tables included a head table of both Pretty Woman and Back to the Future (y'know, to be fair ; )