Monday, March 11, 2013

The One with the Weekly Pregnancy Update

31 Weeks

My belly looks like it's connected to the chalkboard at this point.

How far along? 31 weeks (pineapple)
Total weight gain/loss: Probably around +11-12 pounds...I feel like I've been eating like crazy this week.
From the doctor: Nothing new to report as this was an off-week for an appointment.  I've been taking my iron pill and this seem to be ::ahem:: moving along regardless of them.
Maternity clothes: Yes, although I am getting so bored with them.  I really don't want to spend any more money on new clothes, but I am running out of things to wear and I definitely have no warm weather clothes.
Sleep: Would like to be doing this for most of the day.  I am tired a lot now.
Best moments this week: Getting some more things organized in the house and nursery.  Hubs also saw the crazy waves of movement in my belly for the first time this week.
Miss Anything? Having the energy to do everything I want within the time frame I want.  I just can't get as much accomplished anymore without getting worn out.
Movement: This little man is definitely rocked to sleep when I am moving.  But once I sit still, all bets are off.  I have been able to feel certain body parts this week too when he moves a certain way.
Food cravings: Cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera and lemonade.
Anything making you queasy or sick? The red peppers I ate last night did not agree with my heartburn situation.
Gender: Sweet little guy.
Labor Signs: Nothing yet.

Symptoms: Sore feet and back, continued heartburn even with the meds, and some definite hot flashes where I just can't handle having clothes on (it's a pretty picture, trust me).  I also am having a lot of pressure in my chest when I sit down or don't sit up completely straight.  This kid is definitely running out of room quickly.
Major purchases this week? The rest of the stuff I ordered from PBK came in and so did the blinds for the nursery.  I am still waiting on the crib skirt.
Classes/Tours: My breastfeeding class last week was really informative and I learned some new stuff.  The instructor was extremely helpful and it was great to hear about all the resources available at the hospital for breastfeeding moms.  
Nursery: The blinds are up and the sheets are on the mattress.  I fell asleep the other night sitting in the chair just imagining holding our little guy in there.  The nursery progress post can be found here and I am working on the nursery tour post.
How mama is feeling: I'm doing alright this week.  I have found myself with less patience, especially when teaching.  I am so at the point where I could just be done with work and hang out at home until this baby arrives.  Ah, wishful thinking.
Weekly wisdom: You cannot do it all at once no matter how hard you try.  Do a project and take a break.  Then go back to another project.
Looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery and picking out some outfits for our maternity pictures.  Also, one of our close friends is getting ready to have her c-section as I type this so I cannot wait to meet their daughter this week!
Next appointment: March 15th

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  1. OMG now I want a Cinnamon Crunch bagel from Panera!!