Sunday, March 10, 2013

The One with the Nursery Progress

Warning: lots of pictures to follow.  It's nursery overload.

This post will give you some details and show the progression of the nursery.  You may remember my post a while back with the nursery inspiration.  We ended up using a lot of the ideas from that post in the nursery.

I promise to do an official tour of the finished room in the coming weeks.

First off, there are some before pictures of the room.  It was a spare bedroom for guests, but also a catch-all for just about everything I didn't know what to do with.

Extra picture frames?  Oh, put them in the spare bedroom.

Leftover craft supplies from our wedding?  Just toss it in the spare bedroom.

Random extra clothes that I only wear on occasion?  There's room in the closet in the spare bedroom.

Well, I quickly discovered that all this crap couldn't stay in the soon-to-be-nursery so I had to do a bunch of rearranging and space managmatizing.

Paint samples, baby clothes, and a Kitchen Aid all in one spot.  Totes normal.

And this was after I had already cleaned out all of my craft supplies.

All my cleaning tools were stored in here too.  Love the Shark btw.

Once I finally picked the paint colors (Behr's Madras Blue for the walls and Porpoise for the stripe) and the bed was moved from the room (along with all the other shit), Hubs and I went to Lowe's and had them load us up with everything we would need to paint the room.  Way too much money later, we went home to get started.

 Max really wanted to help with the process, but he got kicked out shortly after this picture was taken.

Hubs did most all of the work, but I provided moral support as needed.

 Once the two coats of blue were on the walls and dry, it was time for the dreaded stripe.
Hubs' brother-in-law is a contractor and had this handy dandy laser that helped make a nice straight line on all the walls so Hubs could tape it off.

The stripe all taped off and painted.  We just crossed our fingers it would look good once the tape came off.

I was so happy with how it looked and couldn't wait for the furniture delivery.

The painting was finished just in time for the arrival of the furniture during my February vacation.  We ordered the crib, dresser, and chair from Pottery Barn Kids.  The crib and dresser are from the Larkin collection and the chair is the PBK Grand Comfort.  It was definitely pricey, but I really fell in love with it and it all got great reviews.

There was a little drama on delivery day that ended with me shedding some extra-hormonal tears.  Long story short, the changing table topper for the dresser didn't arrive and was never ordered.  I will say that after a little back and forth with PBK, they did send out a new top at no charge to us (apparently we had never paid for one in the first place) and it arrived safely about 10 days later.

Yay for delivery trucks!

 Oh I just can't wait to put our little boy in this crib.

Loving all the space for itty bitty baby clothes.

This chair rocks my world.  Seriously, the most comfortable thing I have ever sat in.

View from the door.

Since these pictures were taken, we added several other things that I will show when I do the full nursery tour.  They include the mattress and changing pad, rug, blinds, and bookshelves.  The knobs for the dresser arrived but are going to require a little bit of work to get on the dresser (the holes in the dresser are too small for the screws with the knobs...nothing a little power tool won't fix).

So that's how things are progressing in the little man's room.  I am just loving how things are coming together and I can't wait to have a real baby to put in that crib.  It still feels incredibly surreal to me that we are going to have a baby all our own in just a couple of short months.  I feel more excited and lucky with every passing day of this pregnancy.

Stay tuned for more nursery updates.


  1. Woo! It's looking good, I can't wait to see it all done!

  2. Everything looks great!! Love the color and the furniture!

  3. It's looking great! Can't wait to see the final tour :)