Monday, March 18, 2013

The One with the Weekly Pregnancy Update

I said way back when that this blog wasn't going to become an all-pregnancy blog.  Apparently I lied because that is all I talk about on here.  I'm not offended if you jump ship or have already said peace out to reading this.  I really do have ideas for posts about other things.  In fact, there are post-it notes around my house with little notes about things I want to write about.  I just never get to them because sleep sounds more fun at this point.  I really am going to try to be better.  Like I have these new recipes I made that I want to talk about.  I promise those posts will come.

That being said, here's another pregnancy post.

32 Weeks

How far along? 32 weeks (squash)
Total weight gain/loss: +14ish pounds at Friday's appointment.
From the doctor: All looks well after my check-up on Friday.  Baby boy's heartbeat is strong at 144bpm and the doctor said to keep doing what I'm doing (Oh you mean, sleeping, eating, and waddling?  Sure I can handle that).
Maternity clothes: I finally bit the bullet and bought some more stuff last week.  I am waiting for it to get here.  My classroom is already like the 10th circle of Hell temperature-wise, so I really need some warmer weather stuff.  Even though it's supposed to effin snow tonight.
Sleep: I seriously feel like I'm back in the first trimester again.  I am exhausted pretty much all the time, despite sleeping pretty well at night.
Best moments this week: Spending some time just sitting in the nursery this weekend.  Nothing exciting happened, I just enjoyed the quiet time in there.
Miss Anything? Moving at a normal pace.  I feel so slow.
Movement: Oh, that's an understatement.  He was going nonstop yesterday afternoon while I was on the couch watching TV.  I'm glad he's having a good time in there.
Food cravings: Still drinking a ton of lemonade.  And eating a lot of cookies.
Anything making you queasy or sick? I felt kinda nauseous yesterday and I've read that is one of the things that can creep back in during the third trimester.  My stomach is definitely squished in there now.
Gender: Baby boy.
Labor Signs: Just the Braxton Hicks every once in a while.

Symptoms: Tired, irritable, achy back, leg cramps at night and some minor swelling in my feet after being on them all day.
Major purchases this week? I was pretty good this week!
Classes/Tours: We had our all-day childbirth class on Saturday.  It was very informative and it made me feel better to have them go through all the nitty gritty labor and delivery stuff.  We watched some videos too...Hubs just loved that part.  We also practiced some positioning and breathing techniques for labor.  Hubs also had to give me a hand massage!
Nursery: Hubs put the knobs on the dresser yesterday.  I love how they look!

How mama is feeling: I'm hanging in there.  I really don't mind being pregnant.  I mind working while being pregnant.  This would be an awesome time to be a rich stay at home wife.
Weekly wisdom: Tired is pretty much a way of life right now.  Don't cook dinner if you'd rather sit on the couch.  Don't vacuum if you'd rather take a nap.  
Looking forward to: Seeing friends this weekend and continuing to registry stalk!
Next appointment: March 27th.

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