Saturday, May 25, 2013

The One with the 100th Post

It's very hard to believe that I am writing my 100th post. 

When I started this blog with this post, I had no idea where it would go or the path we would take.  I had always hoped it would lead to this miracle, but in reality I knew that may not be the outcome.

Hubs and I are a rare case. 

We moved right from infertility testing to a major medical procedure without having to endure failed procedures in between.

We have insurance that covered a huge portion of our medical costs.

We had one medical intervention to "treat" our infertility.

We got pregnant after only one IVF procedure.

We brought a healthy baby boy into this world after a very easy nine months and a very fast and uncomplicated delivery.

We are beyond blessed and lucky and we have not taken one second of those blessings for granted.

Yes, I am feeling sappy and emotional today.  Yes, I am staring at my son (my son, people...never thought I'd get to say those words) as I type this while he sleeps next to me.  Yes, I still marvel at his perfection and feel immense joy every time he opens those eyes and looks at me.

I am a mother and there is no greater honor in this world.


My plans for this blog will evolve as our family does.  I still want to provide updates on Liam and Max.  I would like to write about motherhood and its highs and lows and the in between daily happenings.  I want to do some product reviews of what we have found helpful during these first few weeks and upcoming months.  I want to talk about food and new recipes and summer get togethers.

Those are the plans.  Who the hell knows what will happen as I navigate this crazy parenthood thing.  I want to continue writing.  It's a great outlet for me.

Thank you to all of you who have traveled on the getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and becoming a family of four roads with us.  Your support means so much to me.

I may not blog as often as before, but I am still reading blogs during 3 am feedings and will continue to write as often as I can.

And because I just can't resist showing him off...

Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and that your weather is better than ours (it's cold, rainy, and crappy here).

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