Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The One with Liam's Birth Story

So here is the nitty gritty of what happened to bring this truly amazing miracle into the world.

If you recall, at my last doctor’s appointment on April 29th, I was 1-1.5 cm and the baby was head down and low.  Around 2 am on Sunday, May 5th, I woke up to go pee.  When I got out of bed, I felt a little trickle of fluid, but just assumed it was discharge.  When I got to the bathroom, the liner I was wearing was wet and the liquid was tinged with blood.  I thought it could be AF, but I wasn’t have any contractions and there was no big gush or anything so I went back to bed.  I slept on and off until around 5:30ish when I got up with the dog.  By that point, there were continued trickles of fluid every time I got up from sitting or standing.  I thought I was having minor contractions but they were inconsistent in both duration and frequency and weren’t really that painful.  Hubs and I had plans that morning to visit his nephew so we headed out around 7:20 after I took a shower.  Hubs kept checking in on me while I was in there to make sure I wasn't going to have the baby in the bathtub!

By that point, I knew I was definitely having contractions (feeling them in my back) but again, nothing incredibly painful.  We visited with his nephew until around 9:15 and I was having contractions and some fluid leaking throughout the visit.  I promised Hubs I would call the doctor after the visit but only if we went to Target to pick up a few things first!  Walking around Target the contractions were slightly more painful and coming more frequently.  The doctor called me back and said to head to the hospital because I had probably broken my water and that was what the fluid was.  I was so determined not to go to the hospital until we absolutely had to because I had this fear we would get sent home.  So, we left Target, went home, had some lunch, and finished packing a few things.  We got Max settled in his crate and I honestly thought I would be back to see him later that afternoon.

We arrived at the hospital around 11:15ish and they hooked me up to the monitors.  The baby looked good and I was definitely having contractions at that point.  My BP was a little high (unusual for me and this pregnancy) so they ordered some blood work.  Getting a vein was a nightmare and I am covered in bruises from blown veins.  When the ER doctor came to check me, she said she was pretty sure my water bag had broken and no sooner did the words come out of her mouth, then there was a big gush and fluid came pouring out of me all over the floor.  Hubs was thoroughly intrigued.  She did an internal and said I was already 5-6 cm!  We were completely shocked and I really did not expect things to progress so quickly.  She said to start making phone calls because we were having a baby today.  Because of the elevated BP, they had to do a straight catheter to check for protein.  That was pretty uncomfortable and not so fun during the contractions, but the urine came back clean.  Both Hubs and I started texting and calling family and friends to let them know what was going on.  His parents live in Maine so they got right in the car and headed down.  My mom was in NY for the day and once I talked to her and let her know I was okay she decided to finish out her visit (it was a long planned family reunion of sorts) and head up to the hospital later that afternoon.  We all assumed I'd still be in labor at that point...joke's on us apparently!

By 12:30ish, we were wheeled upstairs to L&D where we got set up in a room.  I was having regular contractions at this point and Hubs just kept reminding me to breathe through them. There were a few moments when I wanted to yell at him or tell him to try breathing through pain throughout your entire abdomen, but I kept my cool!  My doctor came in and said he would check me again in a little bit but that everything looked good so far.  The anesthesiologist came in to discuss an epidural but I told him my goal was to do this without one.  The nurse told me to let her know if and when I started to feel any pressure.  I had every intention of sending Hubs out to the car at some point to get our labor bag.  I had my ipod and speakers, lotion for massage, and clothes for walking around in down in that bag. 

However, by around 1:00, I started feeling immense pressure and told Hubs to get a nurse.  She quickly got the doctor who checked me and said I was 10 cm and he could see the baby’s head!  Needless to say, the bag never made it up from the car!  They barely had time to get gowned up and remove the bottom of the table before I started to push.  I started pushing about 1:10 and had maybe 7-8 good pushes before Liam arrived.  The head and shoulders hurt like a bitch, but I had these expectations that things would be so much worse.  And I know they could have been if my labor had been more intense and lasted longer.

Hubs cut the cord and we did skin to skin immediately.  While Liam was on my chest, he pooped and the nurse asked if I wanted her to clean him up then.  I told her that was fine and Hubs went over with him while they cleaned and weighed him, gave him his vitamin K shot and put the goop on his eyes.  I had a 2nd degree tear and had to get a few stitches, but I felt and continue to feel great all things considered.  Liam breastfed in the L&D room and we were moved down to our room around 3:15 pm.

Hubs' parents and my mom came to visit that afternoon and we had some other friends and family come to see us in the hospital.  Dr. Bow Tie even came in for a visit before we went home on Tuesday.

Since being home, we have had some big time struggles with feeding because I am not producing enough milk.  We met with the lactation consultant on Friday and are now supplementing at the breast with syringes of formula.  I am also pumping after each feeding to hopefully increase my supply.  I started Reglan yesterday and am hoping that helps us in addition to the Fenugreek pills I have been taking.  I am planning a whole post on this drama in the near future.

Max has adjusted quite well to the two-legged puppy we brought home and is already pretty protective of his little brother.

Every single pill, shot, tear, and disappointment was worth it to be able to look at his precious face and know that he is ours.

Here are a few pictures of our little man...

 Headed home last Tuesday.  Mom, do these mittens make my hands look big?

 First successful solo trip out of the house with Mommy.

Quick, take my picture before I pee on this outfit.

We are beyond in love.  Thank you for all your kind words of congratulations and support.  Liam is truly a miracle.


  1. He is sooo adorable!!! The first couple of weeks are so hectic. I went through the same thing for BF. I took Fenugreek (12 capsels a day), Mother milk tea & cookies in the first couple of weeks and it did help. I was producing 1.5-2oz per session in the beginning, but I usually get 5oz now. Good luck, mama!!!