Thursday, May 2, 2013

The One with the Thursday Thoughts

1. Tomorrow is my last day of work until September.  Not sure how I got to this point already, but I can't believe I am walking out of my classroom tomorrow and won't teach again until September.  I have obsessively left way too many plans for my substitute and the most detailed explanations of routines and procedures.  I know she is perfectly capable.  I am just a control freak.

2. We had our growth ultrasound for baby boy last night.  Turns out he's weighing in at an estimated 8lb 3oz.  These ultrasounds are notorious for being off, so I am hoping he is actually smaller than that at this point.  I go back to the doctor on Monday so we'll see what he says then.

3. At the u/s we got to see some great pictures of the little man.  He looks like he's going to have chubby cheeks.  I can't wait to see this kid!

4. I am loving all the fun new summer country songs that have come out.  Like this one by Hootie (I will always refer to him as such).  And this super catchy number from BP.  Oh and this Lady A one makes me want to get up and dance waddle every time I hear it.

5. The weather has been unbelievable here lately.  Gorgeous sunshine with warm temps and no rain in sight.  Makes me blast those songs mentioned in number 4 even louder.

6. I have been craving me some Diet Coke lately.  Definitely one of the first things I am having post delivery.

7. My feet look like sausages.  I hate it and being on my feet all day long doesn't help.  But the mani/pedi I got today does at least make my toes look cute.

Oh, ankles.  Those are a thing of the past.

8. Anyone watch Hannibal?  I still can't decide if I like it or not.  I mean it's thoroughly creepy and holds my attention for the most part, but I'm not sure if I can fully commit enough add it to my list of DVRed shows.

9. We started getting deliveries from the local dairy about a month ago.  The milk tastes so much better in those adorable glass bottles and I love waking up to the cow truck on Friday mornings.

10. Speaking of milk, the cookies and ice cold milk are calling my name.

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