Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The One with the Weekly Pregnancy Update

And onto week 38 (how the hell did we get this far so fast?!)

38 Weeks

Did you know it was possible to grow a baby in your ute and your ass at the same time?
Me either until I looked at this picture.

How far along? 38 weeks (pumpkin)
Total weight gain/loss: +23 pounds
From the doctor: I was at the doctor yesterday morning and there are some new things to report.  First off, I am now dilated 1-1.5 cm which is some progress since last week when I was closed up tight.  Baby is still head down and low which is good news.  I only gained 2 pounds this week but the doctor seems to think I've gotten bigger since last week and decided to do a growth ultrasound to check on how big the baby is.  I am going in on Wednesday afternoon to have this done.  Dr. B said if he's a big baby and if I make more progress between now and next week's appointment then he may start to talk about inducing me.  I have absolutely no desire to be induced, especially before my actual due date, but I figure we'll see how things look after Wednesday and go from there.  Dr. B seems to think this little one is arriving before my due date anyway.
Maternity clothes: Either those or Hubs' big t-shirts at home.
Sleep: Getting more difficult with each passing day.  I'm exhausted by bed time but staying asleep is nearly impossible.
Best moment this week: Nice to hear my body is doing what it is supposed to and starting to get ready for labor and delivery.
Miss anything? Not getting heartburn from water and everything else under the sun.
Going to miss anything about being pregnant? All the movement, even when it's uncomfortable.
Movement: Oh yes.  And I am becoming intimately acquainted with the term lightning crotch.
Food cravings:
Took a trip back to Allie's Donuts again this weekend.
Anything making you queasy or sick?
Nothing specific at this point except the heartburn.
one bouncing baby boy (looking forward to confirming that again if possible at the u/s on Wednesday)
Labor Signs:
The Braxton Hicks contractions (tightening but no pain) are absolutely increasing.  I have also had some spotting since the doctor's appointment yesterday, which the doctor said is normal once everything starts opening up.
Have I mentioned the heartburn?
Major purchases this week? Nothing really new for the baby this week.  I ordered a few nursing tanks from ON that should be coming today or tomorrow.
Nursery: Finished!
How mama is feeling: Tired and achy but unbelievably excited to meet our son.
Weekly wisdom: Walking, even small distances, is good for you.  Try to stay active even when you're exhausted.
Looking forward to: Last day of school on Friday.
Next appointment: Ultrasound on May 1st and doctor on May 6th

And just for fun, a little side-by-side comparison...

 What a difference a mere 30 weeks can make!

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