Thursday, April 11, 2013

The One with the Thursday Thoughts

Happy Pre-Friday!

During the summer, I started doing a Wednesday posts with random thoughts and ramblings about life, food, and everything in between.  I clearly stopped doing those and slacked on the blogging throughout the week mostly because of time constraints.  I'd like to get back into some sort of a blogging rhythm and I'm going to try a Thursday post that is similar to the ones I was doing on Wednesdays.  So, here goes nothing...
  • My list of Pinterest projects grows exponentially every day.  I really want to stay home and cook all day long.
    • I did make this Man-Pleasing Maple Mustard Chicken a few weeks ago and it was quite good.  It was pretty easy and didn't require much work.  I let it marinate overnight and I think that definitely helped intensify the flavor.
    • These Marshmallow Reese's Brownies literally make my mouth water every time I look at them.  I have a package of the Reese's eggs in my freezer downstairs so I'm thinking these are going to need to be made very soon.

  • I am beyond ready for spring weather all the time.  We had a brief taste of it for the past two days, but today it's chilly again and tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and raw.  I just want it to warm up and stay warm. 
  • April vacation is next week and I can.not.wait.  I need a break from this classroom and teaching every day and I know the kids need it too.  Hubs is on vaca too and we are hoping to finish up some things around the house to get ready for the little man.  Hubs also needs to finish splitting and stacking his wood and there are some outside yardwork jobs that also need to get done.  
  • I am hoping to make some freezer meals next week to make life easier once the baby arrives.  I have a few pinned that I want to try.  Anyone have any good ones that I should add to my list?
  • I just went through my Style Board on Pinterest and every other thing is polka-dotted.  Obsession much?
  • I have been trying to think of a relatively inexpensive push present Hubs can get for me.  He wants to get something but we don't want to break the bank here.  I am thinking something with the little man's initials or name...a necklace or bracelet maybe?  I was also thinking a right hand ring might work too.  Any good Etsy shops out there for something like this?
  • We pulled our car seat out of the box yesterday and shit got real.  As I wrote on Instagram yesterday, #omgwearehavingababy
  • I have to go pick the littles up from library in about 5 minutes and I just don't feel like walking down the hallway.
  • My DVR is stressing me out right now.  I have so many shows that I need to watch and I cannot seem to find the time to sit down and watch them.  It seriously gives me agita.
Alright, I'm done rambling.  Off to walk to the library and send these kids home.

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