Monday, April 29, 2013

The One with the Cara Box

I owe you a week 38 post and I have some news from the OB (yay for some dilation!), which I promise to share tomorrow.

But in the meantime it's time to link up for my Cara Box reveal.

Cara Box

Cara Box was started by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals in an effort to get to know other bloggers and receive super fun mail!  This was my first month participating and I had so much fun with this project.  Each month has a theme and you can read more about how Cara Box works here.

I was paired up with Laurie Created by Laurie and Claire from Gypsy Slow Down.  It was great getting to know both ladies and I had a blast picking out things to send to Claire.  Head over to her blog to see what I sent her in the Cara Box.

I came home on Friday to my awesome box from Laurie.  This month's theme was "Go Green."

 Such pretty packaging!

Laurie sent me such great stuff!  I got an adorable reusable tote bag, yummy chocolate hazelnut granola bars, a beautiful gold leaf necklace, plus two gifts for the boys in my life.  The monkey is for the little man and Laurie even sent a great rope and tennis ball toy for Max.

 Max was pretty excited to dig into this.

Thanks so much Laurie for your thoughtfulness!

I am so looking forward to participating in this exchange again.  I think I am going to skip May because it will be a little busy with the little guy's arrival, but I will definitely be doing the Cara Box exchange again.

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