Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The One with the Weekly Pregnancy Update

Sorry I've been MIA the last few days.  It's school vacation week and Hubs and I have been working extra hard to finish up last minute projects and things to get ready for baby boy's arrival.  It's been nonstop around here, which makes me feel super productive.  And exhausted.  But walking from the couch to the kitchen makes me feel exhausted right now too, so I may not be the best judge of exhaustion at this point.

Anyway, on to the update.

36 Weeks

Yes, it's the same shirt as last week.  Stop judging.

How far along? 36 weeks (honeydew)
Total weight gain/loss: +19 pounds, according to the doctor yesterday
From the doctor: We had a very good appointment yesterday and Hubs got to meet Dr. B for the first time.  I had my GBS (group B strep) test so I'll find out the results at my next appointment.  Dr. B also did my first internal exam to check for dilation.  We are still closed up tight, which I pretty much expected at this point.  But the best news boy is HEAD DOWN!  I was having such anxiety about this whole thing and really didn't want to go the c-section route because of a breech baby.  So, it looks like he will stay that way at this point, but please keep thinking downward thoughts!
Maternity clothes: Obviously.
Sleep: Well it's been an interesting week for this.  I have had mornings where I am wide awake at 4 and others where I've slept until 7:30 (late for me).  The reflux is terrible at night and I am up several times to pee and take Tums.  I usually fall asleep pretty quickly but staying asleep all night is definitely a thing of the past.
Best moment this week: It's been a really good week all around.  I finished washing and putting away all the 0-3 month baby clothes, along with all of the other amazing things we got at our showers.  We went up to BBB and PBK today to pick up the rest of the things we needed for the little guy.  Hubs just loooves shopping with me!  I also finished all my thank you notes for my showers, which was quite the process!

This is not even close to all of them either.

Miss anything? Wearing my rings and a really cold beer.
Going to miss anything about being pregnant? I'm going to miss the connection only we share at this point.  I am still amazed that I am growing a teeny tiny human inside me and while I am so very excited to meet him as an outside baby, I will miss having him with me all the time.
Movement: Yes, and lots of hiccups lately after I eat.
Food cravings: I just had to have a roll with butter yesterday.  Ate another one this morning too.  Still having lots of ice cold milk.
Anything making you queasy or sick? My own stomach acid is pretty damn annoying.
Gender: baby boy
Labor Signs: Nothing of note yet.  Maybe a contraction or two, but nothing consistent.

Symptoms: Heartburn, sore back
Major purchases this week? We did some major shopping today and got the last things we needed on our list.  It was quite a shopping experience.  I am thoroughly exhausted but I think we are as ready as we are going to be.  I also packed our hospital bags and am planning to go out and pick up a few last minute things to add to them during the rest of the week.
Nursery: The nursery is just about done.  Hubs is hanging a few more things today and tomorrow and then I think we will be ready for the little man (or as ready as we are going to be to bring a helpless human home!).  Hubs also put together his Raptor power wheel (which we clearly needed to have ready for our newborn to drive!)

I'm thinking this will make a pretty great 3rd birthday present!

How mama is feeling: Excellent this week because I'm not working.  I can rest when I need to, sleep if I have to, and nest when the mood strikes.  I absolutely love teaching but I am so very much looking forward to being done.
Weekly wisdom:  Pack separate hospital bags for labor and delivery, postpartum, and baby.  While I haven't had to use them yet, it saves you from lugging it all into the hospital and moving it from room to room.
Looking forward to: Seeing what this little man looks like.
Next appointment: April 22nd.  I'm at the every week stage crazy!

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