Saturday, August 17, 2013

The One with Liam's Baptism

On Sunday, August 11th, surrounded by lots of family and friends, we baptized our son.

This was something that was extremely important to me.  I want him to be part of our church and faith community. 

We were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous summer day.  The weather was perfect - the awesome mix of warm sun and a gentle breeze off the water.  Many family and friends came from out of state (as far away as Florida and Illinois) to celebrate this very special day.

My best friend is Liam's godmother and my brother is Liam's godfather.  They were both pretty obvious choices for us when choosing his godparents and we are so happy they agreed to serve these rolls.

Commence picture overload...

 Outfit from here

 Liam and his godparents

 Liam and his Nana and Gramps (my parents)

 Liam and his Grams and Papa (Hubs' parents)

 He was pretty perfect during the whole ceremony.

 And of course, there was donut cake.  Two actually.

I ordered this onesie from this shop on Etsy to change Liam into when we got back to the house for his party.

I somehow managed not to take any pictures during the party, but I am working on getting some from family and friends.  We had about 70 people at our house after the baptism and everyone had a great time.

Our family is truly blessed.

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