Saturday, July 28, 2012

The One with the Birthdays

I turned 30 on Thursday.  30 - as in no longer in my 20s.  30 - as in half-way to 60.

Seriously, guy?!

I was never really one of those people to say "Oh I want to be married by (insert age)" or "I want 7 babies by (insert age)."  But, when faced with the big 3-0 this week I couldn't help but think "Oh shit, I'm 30 and there is no baby yet."  I'll admit it stung a little.  It was tough to realize that I've now entered a new decade of my life complete with increased life insurance premiums (I promise I'm going to get one of those policies soon Mom!) and a "biological clock [that] is - stamps foot three times - ticking like this!" (obviously said in full Brooklyn-Marisa-Tomei-in-My-Cousin-Vinny accent) and I still don't have a baby to call my own.  I allowed myself a few moments of being a Grumpus.

But, then I put on my big girl panties and remembered that the stabiness of each needle is helping me get that baby.  I just kept repeating to myself, "We will have a take home baby soon.  We will have a take home baby soon."  I'm finally starting to believe it.

And I may add that the donut cake - even with its huge declaration of 30 - definitely helped me feel a little less nauseated by my age.  Never had donut cake?  Your life is incomplete.  Get on it.  Now.  You will come back and tell me how it fulfilled you.  Trust me on this.

Life.  Changing.  'Nuf said.  
(More on the bone-shaped cake below).

On a side note, I happen to share my birthday with this furry guy...

Yes, he's 95 pounds and under our bed.  Yes, those are dust bunnies under there.  Don't judge me.

He turned one year old on Thursday.  We celebrated with a special doggie cake from Jack's Snacks.  Max thoroughly enjoyed it.  We didn't want him to eat the whole thing in one sitting, so Hubs and I took him outside and kept him on the leash while he licked the frosting.  Then we cut off a piece for him.  

I give you - Max's attack of the birthday cake in pictures.

Longest "stay" of his life!

Full attack mode.  Notice the wide stance.  He's not messing around.

Found the little treats on the cake.

We cut off a piece for him.  One gulp and it was gone.

More please Mom and Dad!
Max respectfully requests that you don't make fun of his weird tongue.  He had to have a piece removed a couple of months ago because of a calcium deposit.

Despite the few moments of woe-is-me, it was a great birthday.  Hubs and I went out for lunch and my best friend and maid of honor flew in that night from Chicago.  I got some great cards about dreams coming true this year.  I believe those dreams are going to be a reality soon.

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