Sunday, July 22, 2012

The One with the Co-Pay

My meds got ordered this week.  When we started this IVF process, the financial coordinator told us to expect the meds to cost anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 with insurance coverage.  Sure, a drop in the bucket.  But, we signed up for this crazy ride so Hubs and I were prepared to pay for it.

I had been back and forth with the mail order specialty pharmacy all week trying to get things set up for delivery before my first injection on Tuesday.  They told me I would receive a call on Friday with the co-pay amount.

I had a pit in my stomach all day.  I have an exact cost for the IVF procedure.  Not knowing the costs for the meds was stressing me out.

The pharmacy called on Friday while I was out with a friend.

Phone convo went something like this:
Pharmacy lady: Hi, this is I-was-too-nervous-too-remember-her-name.  I'm calling to give you your co-pay amount before we ship your order.

Me: Oh, hello.

Pharmacy lady: So, your co-pay will be...(insert pause during which I'm thinking "Please don't be crazy expensive, please don't be crazy expensive")...$122.78.

Me: Uhhh, can you repeat that please?

Pharmacy lady: $122.78.  I will need your payment over the phone before we can ship the order.

Me (wanting to do cartwheels but I have no idea how): Umm sure, let me grab my card.

I was ecstatic and so was Hubs when I called to tell him.  We realize how extremely lucky we are to have such fantastic insurance.  

This makes me feel like we are going to kick infertility's ass!

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