Sunday, July 22, 2012

The One with the UPS Fairy

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

The UPS Fairy with your mini-pharmacy delivery, complete with stabby needles and a baby-sized sharps container!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my box of meds arrived yesterday morning.  And honestly, I was like a kid at Christmas!  I carefully brought the box into the kitchen and stared at it for a minute or two.  This was for reals now.

Huge box, complete with small cooler inside to keep meds cold.

I started to unpack everything and I will admit it was a little overwhelming at first.  The fact that I was going to be responsible for administering all these meds to myself made me kinda super nervous.  There were four different kinds of medicine in the box, along with eleventy jillion needles, alcohol swabs, and a mini-fied sharps container.  

Holy pharmacy, Batman!
Note the baby-sized sharps container.  I think they send that size to you to eff with your mind.  "How could something so cute and little hold anything that will hurt you?!" should be written on the outside.

Two of the meds need to be refrigerated so I found a spot next to the mayo - obviously the most logical place - and got those in their chilly home.

Note to self: Do not mistake hormone injections for condiments and put them on a sandwich.

This is where the extra organized, super OCD, maybe a touch crazy teacher in me kicked into high gear.  If I was going to be dealing with all these supplies for the next few weeks, I wanted them to look pretty and maybe a little less intimidating.  So, I found a pink basket left over from our wedding and got to work.  Enter looks of "I seriously married this whack job?" from Hubs.  After a little rearranging, I give you - Project No These Meds Do Not Freak Me Out and Send Me Into Cold Sweats Because The Needles are Stabby and the Hormones May Cause Me to Get Even Crazier. 

That's Hubs in the background doing his morning web surfing.

Once I start each med, I'll do a post explaining what it is and all the instruments of torture accessories that go along with it.  I finished my organizing and found a spot in our dining room on top of a bookshelf for the basket.  I hung up my "I actually made something I Pinned" paint chip calendar above the basket and completed the project.

Note the color coordination.  That's just how I roll.

Tuesday is the big day.  Injection #1 of four gagillion (over exaggerate much, Jess?)


Completely unrelated side note, I started reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.  (Mom, stop reading the blog now...)

Oh-em-gee, these books are pure smut and I LOVE THEM!  They are such a welcome distraction from the crazy world of IVF and I cannot put my Nook down.  I've taken to biting my lip and hoping that Hubs will go all Christian Grey on me.  Yeah my seduction skills need some work...  

TMI warning: These damn BCPs have totally screwed with my body already and I am in a constant state of some kind of period.  Super fun when you are reading an extremely explicit book.  Yay. Life.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday.

Laters, baby.

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