Sunday, February 10, 2013

The One with Nemo

Super important newsflash.

Wait for it...

There was a blizzard in the Northeast this weekend.

Shocking I know.  I only report the top news over here.

Anyway, we got pretty slammed.  I didn't have school on Friday and who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Nemo hit us hard and we are still digging out.

Original image here

We have at least two feet over here with drifts up near my chest.  Hubs has been in his glory playing with his snowblower and Max thinks snow is the greatest thing ever.

We have been stuck in the house since mid-day on Friday and I am itching to get out of here today.  The governor lifted the driving ban yesterday afternoon so we are going to head out today and run some errands. 

On this list...nursery paint!  More on that to follow in another post if Hubs and I both survive the painting experience.

And now lots of obligatory blizzard pictures...

Our front door covered in ice on Friday night.

Out the kitchen window.  That is our front yard, the street, and the yard across the street.  

Max had a blast in his pen.

The back deck and the pond.  Oh and that's the grill on the left.

Jeep?  What Jeep?

Hubs and his toy.

Max got some fun play time in the snow.

Maybe our street will get plowed today.

Here's a quick video using my new favorite app, Vine.  I love how easy it is and how you can combine little snippets of video together.

Oh and there's another storm or two coming this week.  That should be lots of fun.  Hates it!

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