Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The One with the Weekly Pregnancy Update

26 Weeks

Yes, I am now repeating outfits.  Deal with it.

How far along? 26 weeks (lettuce...although TB does not specify what kind of lettuce)
Total weight gain/loss: Officially +6 pounds since my retrieval day.
Maternity clothes: Yes and I have now graduated to Hubs t-shirts for around the house.
Sleep: Ah, I remember sleep.  Apparently, this is just not going to happen in any sort of good way anymore.  I slept in the recliner part of our couch last night in an effort to combat the heartburn and the snoring coming from Hubs.  Not the most comfortable sleep, but not all that bad actually.
Best moment this week: Getting a "just for fun" ultrasound at my appointment with my old OB.  My destined to be difficult little boy is breech again, so we are crossing our fingers he turns before the big show in a few months.

Miss Anything? Seeing my feet and my lady parts.  No idea how it's looking down there right now.
Movement: Yes and I love every minute of it.
Food cravings: Donuts and cookies
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, thankfully.
Gender: One very active little boy.
Labor Signs: Nope.

Symptoms: Sore feet, hips and back, lack of energy, leg cramps at night, heartburn.
Major purchases this week? I bought my first package of full-on huge-enough-to-be-a-flag Granny panties this weekend.  They are absolutely glorious!  I normally wear a high-cut brief from VS, but even they were cutting too low.  I have never been happier with ugly underwear in my life.  Hubs made me promise to put it away in a bin after the baby comes!  I am waiting for my new bras to arrive this week and I cannot wait.  Oh, and I bought a Kate Spade diaper bag at their secret online sale today.  So excited to get it!
Weekly wisdom: Do not stress out about things you cannot change (like your baby being breech 3 whole months before he is going to arrive).
Looking forward to: Painting the nursery this weekend and ordering my shower invitations.
Next appointment: March 1st.  That will be my last every 4 weeks appointment.  After that, I go to every 2 weeks.

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  1. Yay for 26 weeks!! And I totally lol-ed over your purchase of granny panties that are as big as a flag! Haha and my DH would totally want to burn those up as well! Have fun painting the nursery this weekend!