Sunday, February 17, 2013

The One with No Balls

Max lost his manhood on Thursday.

He was de-nutted, as Hubs keeps calling it.

When we first got him, there were talks of breeding him.  Max is show-quality dog from a highly reputable breeder in California.  However, Hubs and I quickly realized how much time and money was involved in this process and decided against it.  Hubs was still pushing for it, but there is no way we could get involved in the showing and breeding process, especially with the little guy on the way.

So, we scheduled Max's surgery.  For Valentine's Day.  Because clearly we are the meanest parents on the planet.

We also had his dew claws removed in anticipation of the baby's arrival.  They are extremely sharp and difficult to cut, plus he doesn't need them, so we figured since he would already be under for the neutering surgery we would do this as well.

All went well with the surgery and when I picked him up on Thursday after school, he was howling up a storm in his crate at the vet.  I think they were more than happy to be rid of him.

Because he's a dummy, Max managed to eat a piece of gauze that was on his paw after the surgery so the vet gave him some kind of mineral oil to help him pass it.  Well that was the biggest mistake ever because it totally effed up his stomach even more.

I got him home and he slept for most of the afternoon.

Until he started the farting.  This is way too much TMI, but every time he farted there was leakage.  It was a hot mess in my living room and I should probably be the spokeswoman for Shout pet stain remover.  There was no warning and it scared him every time it happened so there was running around during the leakage.  Yeah, it was not pretty.

Only the most manly men wear pink bandages.

I spent Thursday night in the living room sleeping on the couch because he was uncomfortable in his crate with his cone on.  It was a long night.

Friday was a little better, but the leakage continued and he managed to irritate one of his stitches in the snow and then the blood started.  I'm telling you, Shout should pay me because I used it so much.

I swear I didn't pose this picture.  Check out the tennis balls in the sun.  Max was sending us a message I think.

I have made no less than 4 trips to CVS since Thursday picking up bandages, tape, gauze, and baby wipes.  It has been quite a shit show (no pun intended) over here.

Saturday was a much better day and he even spent several hours sleeping in his crate last night which meant Mommy could sleep in her own bed for a few hours.

He's definitely feeling better today and is getting annoyed with the cone, but the minute it comes off he starts to lick.  

He fell asleep the other day like this.

I am on school vacation this week so I'll be home with him.  

Hopefully there will be no more bleeding or leakage.  

We made sure to buy him lots of tennis balls for when he is feeling better.  They may not be the same, but balls are balls.

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