Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The One with the Weekly Pregnancy Update

I'll be doing the week 29 bumpdate in just a few days, but I didn't want to skip week 28 just because this week has been so busy.

28 Weeks

I feel like a house.

How far along? 28 weeks (The dumb Bump says eggplant again)
Total weight gain/loss: +6 pounds.
Maternity clothes: I should probably get rid of this category because I am wearing nothing else at this point.  Old Navy just had a pretty big sale on maternity clothes so I ordered a few spring-y things.
Sleep: Well, considering I am still fighting a cold and cough and Max needs someone to sleep in the living room with him after his surgery, I have been sleeping like shit.
Best moment this week: Finishing painting the nursery.
Miss Anything? Wine.  I really could have used a drink this week.
Movement: This baby is super active and I love every minute of it.
Food cravings: Donuts, candy, and corn muffins.  I have been eating absolute crap lately and really need to get some decent foods into my body soon.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No thankfully, although just about everything causes heartburn.
Gender: Boy all the way.
Labor Signs: Not yet.

Symptoms: Really bad back pain, probably a combination of sleeping on the couch and sciatica. 
Major purchases this week? I ordered some stuff from Old Navy for me and baby and my shower invitations arrived.  I am going to work on buying some more stuff for the shower when my mom is here this week.
Nursery: The paint is on the walls and the furniture is coming this week!  I cannot believe that this is all really happening.  I am going to do a full nursery post this week once the furniture is all set up. 

Taping off where the gray stripe is going to go.

How mama is feeling: I've been a little moody lately and I am definitely starting to feel more pregnant physically.  The back pain was really bad this weekend and I was constantly wincing from the super sharp pain.  I am also feeling a desperate need to clean and organize, so I guess the nesting has begun.
Weekly wisdom: When you husband gets frustrated from painting, leave him alone to cool off.  He is just trying to make it perfect for your son so try not to nag.
Looking forward to: The delivery of the furniture and our hospital tour on Saturday.
Next appointment: March 1st

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  1. Can't wait to see the nursery all finished up! It's going to be so cute.